Developers Currently fixing the Challenge Dapp for a more User-friendly Experience

Hello Challengers!

As some of you might have known, we just updated our ChallengeOS Dapp to Version 3.0 recently. Some users are bound to experience technical issues on the dapp as we are busy trying to re-enable token function on the Challenge app.
We want the ChallengeOS Dapp which is an EOS based dapp with team in San Diego to be the most user-friendly app one will come across that is why we in the team are working effortlessly day and night to make sure our users see the need to use the challenge app to send challenges and pay the challenge receivers for going to a particular location to carry out a task biking, having a cup of coffee or doing fitness exercises in the gym.


Read more about our Challenge Dapp here

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I'm use challengedac app

29.12.2019 07:39

No update on the Play Store yet. Soon the Play Store will be updated. Thanks to everyone for supporting the Steemit community.

29.12.2019 12:40

Please quickly fix it .thanks for working herd steemit community

29.12.2019 13:51

So it's an app that we can use to challenge people for random tasks? cool i'm gonna try it out! thnx man

29.12.2019 22:27