ChallengeDAC 250k Steem Power Xmas Curation Contest


Join the ChallengeDac 250k Steem power Xmas Curation Contest to take part in the joy that we are sharing to Steemians this Christmas. It is very easy as these are the simple steps to follow so as to receive your share of CHLP tokens as well as get your Steemit post curated.

• Download the Challenge App for your mobile. Create an account

• Make a Steemit post of not less than 100 words stating why you like the Challenge App

• Use #Challengedac as one of your tags

All participants will get tipped 1000 CHLP token and their post will be upvoted by our 250k SP account.


ChallengeDAC App is an EOS based Geo-Specific and time sensitive App that is used to send and receive challenges. A player sends a challenge to a friend and the friend has to go to a specific location to carry out the task being given so as to unlock a Real time Cryptocurrency Reward. The App has a local currency called CHL available on Newdex, Okex and CoinGecko. It also gas a pegged asset on the @steem-engine market called CHLP. The Challenge mobile App has it's team located in San Diego, California and the App is available for iOS and Android users.

Download The ChallengeDAC App for your mobile Here=)

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I love it challengeDac plz sir tell me how can I us it

21.12.2019 21:33

It's simple @haseebasifkhan. After downloading the App, Create an account. When you are done creating the account. You will get 20 CHL tokens in your wallet.

To Send a Challenge to A friend:)

• Click on 'Create challenge'

• Write the name of your challenge e.g Swimming

• Insert the username of the challenge receiver
• Choose the location the receiver has to be to carry out the challenge
• Choose the time challenge must be carried out
• Write the description of the challenge

• Click on the small box if you are paying for the reward


• Enter amount and select coin you are paying the Challenge receiver with.

• Click on 'Confirm'

That's all!

22.12.2019 10:49

Sir plz help me


22.12.2019 11:49

I am subscribe your chanal and watching your videos

21.12.2019 21:38

Me too

22.12.2019 08:15

Your post has been manually curated by FreeVoter Team.You can earn liquid steem by delegating SP to @freevoter !! We are now paying 100% daily earnings and 90% curation reward to our delegators !! Join Discord for more information. Thank you !!

22.12.2019 14:53