Challenge Dapp 3.0 Released in the Google Play Store. Want to get some free CHLp on your steem-engine account? Download the App and Leave a comment with a screenshot and your new Challengedapp Username!

The Challenge Dapp 3.0 is now available on Google Play and we want to give you a few CHLp for downloading it, signing up free and showing us a screenshot or giving us your CHL account in the comments. All you need is a phone number to create an account no EOS account needed. (However if you do need an EOS wallet creation code go ask atticlabs for a free code for myeoswallet app if you do want a free eos account @myeoswallet_support on telegram )

Check out this new article all about the new Challenge Dapp release;

We need YOU to try this out and post your new username in the comments, and well send you some CHLP. You can withdraw it on to EOS and use it to create your own challenges!

Google Play Download link


if you want to leave a review that would be helpful as we need feedback. But please leave an honest review and any CHLp given out is for just trying out the app, and maybe reviewing it on steem NOT google play as we want those reviews to be honest and not influenced by us in anyway. Just post your screenshot of your logged in challenge dapp screen and post it in the comments, 9or post the username you choose, and we will send your steem account some CHLP directly that you can withdraw on

The end game for this dapp is to be able to create challenges, maybe city wide coordinated with large groups of people all redeeming CHL for showing up to a park and doing some fitness exercises. Companies can sponsor fitness challenges and pay people to show up places in a snapchat fashion or friends can use it to challenge each other to races, or even to loose weight. We even have plans to talk with a bluetooth scale company about a possible sponsorship but no promises, however it would be cool to get paid to weigh yourself on a bluetooth scale and take a photo everyday, to "weigh in" and if you loose weight or at least body fat you could get paid for it :) The possibilities are endless! We could even organize electric scooter races with Bird or Lyft and have people paid to go from one GPS box on one side of a city to another using the Challenge Dapp!

We have a lot of plans for the app and we are building CHl brick by brick. We have an organic community and plenty of time to grow the DAC and the network of fitness professionals that we can sponsor with CHL to create city wide challenges all around the world. Stay tuned for a new roadmap on these developments.


Anyway check out the new ChallengeDapp reddit: and make some posts and show us to earn some CHLp on your steem account! (Withdraw it to CHL on EOS in )

And come to the ChallengeDac /Dapp telegram!

And check the website for a big update on the look soon!

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