CHallenge Dac needs 10 to 20 people a day to give $0.70 to $1.50 aprox in upvote value to whoeve downloads and posts about our Mobile App ChallengeDapp AND we support Jack Dorsey and his move to live in Africa in 2020 topromote Bitcoin!

Challenge Dac needs 10 to 20 people a day to give $0.70 to $1.50 aprox in upvote value to whoeve downloads and posts about our Mobile App ChallengeDapp AND we support Jack Dorsey and his move to live in Africa in 2020 to promote Bitcoin!

Lets also check the richlist for pegged CHL

We have 16 thousand + CHLP holders :) @challengedac has done an airdrop with the help of software built with Python by @themarkymark and utilized by @gerber WHO also helped @ackza do EOS and Telos Airdrops FROM Steem Engine pegs! the fact that we can airdrop to EOS and telos accounts from Steem Engine pegs should be great proof as to the strength of the peg that backs CHLP with CHL. We can use CHLP and airdrop to EOS accounts using the same Steem airdrop tool for steem-engine tokens and simply send each transaction to @eos-peg which allows us to send tokens from steemenginex or our gateway account like EOS sandiegocoin or @weedcash 's EOS account EOS weedcashntwk (By the way this account will have upgraded smart contracts, and our EOS tokens can use @eosdac like or and then become immutable live SOV so no one can CHANGE the smnart contracts. Right now the smart contract owner can change the rules and revise transactions for their tokens and have a lot of power, power I dont want, BUt we cant just give up the ability to develop, SO we will have immutable tokens like SOV or soon @onethousandtoken BUT we will ALSO have ways to sign keys of the sandiegocoin account on EOS over to an EOSDAC 12 account multi sig "Vault" where 12 people will have to agree to make a decision, and they themselves are voted in as custodians by governance token holders.

I hope you all get the idea here about Arbitrage between CHL on and CHLP on There's some room to expand CHL into CHLP and make Steem Engine the real most active spot for CHL trading.

So we will be continuing to give $0.70 approx upvotes PLUS another $0.70 or we can just handle 20 people a day making posts about #challengedac and making STEEM RELATED CHALLENGES please I MUST STRESS this and let @citimillz know about some new rules we've decided to ensure no one at steem causes of of spamming :D We have to ensure they understand CHL is on steem engine CHLP and has been airdropped to 16 THOUSAND steem accounts thanks to @ackza and @gerber and some beautifully useful software from @themarkymark that was ALSO adapted by @gerber and @ackza to airdrop to eos and telos from steem-engine tokens :) We are currently helping @weedcash get an airdrop and even with a CPU crunch @gerber is able to adapt and handle the situation like a champ! His professional work ethic allows us to relax while the job gets done, even if he is brand new to a subject, he seems to become an expert overnight! I highly recommend gerber for any work, if hes not too busy that is :D His time is valuable but I am sure he can sell people some amazing airdrops to 16 thousand active steem accounts with over 200 SP as of a few months ago, and we can get new spreadsheets but the core steemians don't change much, we can still accomplish much with various airdrops of tokens at various amounts. Its exciting stuff, and the Byteball Steem airdrop attestation event was exciting. We will talk about doing a Byteball style event where we give a lot of CHLP to just a few of the top steem users instead of more airdrops of just 1 token to thousands. We would love to talk about professional promotions for the dapp, and we will be sure to avoid promoting the actual token, but we will still be happy to give tips through this account the community challenge account that is sanctioned by @chaceeskam run by @ackza and chace. We hope to simply set up a Challengedac Africa or Nigeria, maybe Challenge Nigeria or Challengedac Nigeria Challengedac Ghana. Our goal is to spread the tokens but not to cram token sales down people'es throats! We don't want anyone thinking they have to FOMO in, or will miss out, our goal is to create great software and have FUN doing it! and if the network effect happens to kick in and makes our token more useful cool, but we will make efforts to limit anyone we see promoting the actual token when we have the power to do so. I speak from @ackza the steem promoter for challengedac and this account has keys controlled by challengedac officially, so if you see anything you don't like, "Hows my Driving" I will be sure to address your concerns. IF YOU ARE MISSINg any CHL let me know I will make sure you get your 1000 CHLP, EOS had issues with CPu and we had to wait for EOS v1 History node to 'catch up" a alot of deposits but things are smoother now.

CHeck the Discord to get some tips if your missing your 1000 chl! We are busy so please show us your post to get the free 1000 chl and post it in here but we will be sending @citimillz more CHL so he can give 1000 CHLP to everyone making posts with #challengedac

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Wonderful support. Thank you

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Thanks @challengedac for your support

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