ChallangeDapp is on Steem! 16,000 ChallengeDac tokens being airdropped to top 16,000 steem accounts. EOS token CHL is now is now live on Steem-Engine as CHLP and can be withdrawn to EOS main net. Earn CHL for joining the Discord!

Challenge DAC has been added to Steem-Engine and is being airdropped to 10,000 top steem accounts who will all receive 1 CHLP pegged EOSIO CHLp tokens on

Download the ChallengeDapp on both Play Store and App Store

Apple App Store

Current CHL App Look vs Future Look of the ChallengeDapp:

Article on CHL on @medium @imeos Explorer

Signup for the $100 EOS Party happening whenever EOS gets to $100 at the Hotel Del Coronado ;)


Also it should be known that daughter of CHL founder @eoskent is a famous instagram model @mollyeskam and

Access your CHLP with Keychain by top steem witness @yabapmatt

You can buy CHLP with STEEMp and deposit from scatter/greymass/etc here using

Trade CHL on Newdex here:

5% of this post is going to @steem.dao 5% is going to @steempeak


Come to the ChallengeDac Telegram to learn more:

Post on the ChallangeDac reddit to earn some CHL! DM and mention @ackza in the telegram with your post and steem or eos account!

Come to the ChallangeDac Discord to earn free CHLP tips via @banjo tip bot

Get some CHLp for leaving us a comment! Or come to the telegram and message @ackza to get some CHLp on your steem account!

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Nice to see eos project collaborating with steem greater things ahead ☺

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20.09.2019 10:25

yes but sad that we have people flagging the post for no reason

27.09.2019 05:39

bid bot abuse @steemflagrewards

20.09.2019 22:17

Didn't forget it. !BEER

21.09.2019 07:13

View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @katharsisdrill, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

21.09.2019 07:14

Commend redacted.

User used promotional service for business/projects as intended.

22.09.2019 21:09

This was not bid bot abuse

Can we please reach some sort of compromise? Do you want me to use @buildawhale next time? I wasnt flagged when i used that service so is this some sort of whitelist I need to adhere to? Why didnt to flag actual bid bot abusers? I dont feel this was a good use if this service when all I am doing is helping steem. Should I have used the @ackza account is it because this one is so new?

27.09.2019 05:10

@ackza, we know you mean well, but it's probably better to not appear as an "official" account. These posts also make it seem like you are directly involved with those projects when you are just spreading the news.

27.09.2019 17:35

Seems steemflagrewards says I was wrong. I can not make this darned Esteem do anything but comment, but I'll take a look when I'm back on a computer.

27.09.2019 17:53