We will we work not spam sorry to @mack-bot @steemcleaners @adm @Spaminator

The challenge DAC team isis relatively new to promoting on Steem it and after looking at past upvote we realize we can do a better job at protecting against spam. To this end, we have implemented new rules that posters will have follow to receive upvotes from us! Here they are below. 


We want to keep investing in the Steem it ecosystems and we recognize that it is our job that to help protect against spreading spam and we will work to do a better job of this! Our project has been in development for over 1 1/2 years and we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop cutting edge technology so we hope that our posts will not be censored especially if they are not spam. I made a post last night that was not spam see below which was downvotes it would be great if these downvotes could be removed. 


We hope that the Steemit community sees that work that we are committed to doing and understand our desire further to develop of the crypto and Steemit it space! 

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good luck with the venture.

06.02.2020 21:32

I think Steemians will adhere to the new rule buddy!

07.02.2020 00:01

Challengedac is very good project..
My dear friend ❤️

07.02.2020 01:26

Hey, asswipe, did you happen to notice that the total of my flags was <.02stu?
You bitch about flags that don't amount to much then flag 1.9stu from me in retaliation?
Good launch on the platform, douchebag!

07.02.2020 06:37


07.02.2020 08:23

Why don't you remove all those big flags from those prominent community members, that would show some respect and you may go some way to building the bridges you demolished yesterday.

As it stands your reaction has been one of aggression and you will struggle to regain any.

Self-voting your own comments is likely to bring the community down on you, it's not wise to do so.

07.02.2020 09:22

I know a few people are dubious about what you are doing, but I am prepared to give you a chance. Not that I can flag anyone very much anyway.

People like to see votes given for what adds value to Steem, but of course anyone is free to vote as they like. They just might see the 'Steem police' take action. It is up to individuals to decide what needs downvoting.

We do need new projects that bring in new people, so show us what you can do. If you are going to hand out votes then ensure that this is not being exploited by people who create lots of accounts each. You can require some sort of identity proof, e.g. link to the post from an existing Twitter account. We want real people rather than 'sock puppets' on Steem (note Steemit is just one way to use Steem).

Steem offers great potential, so let's make good things happen.

07.02.2020 09:40

Thanks for implementing new measures to protect against spam!

07.02.2020 14:57