$2 Dollar upvotes!

For the next 30 days @citimillz and I will be upvoting posts from anyone who downloads the Challengeeos application and makes and Challenge on the app and shares a post about it! The post must include their Challengeeos username as well as a screenshot of the challenge they created! The App is free to use! And available in Google Play and IOS! Anyone who downloads it gets 20 CHL tokens along with a free EOS wallet that runs on the EOS main net! In addition to upvoting posts about Challenge we may randomly deposit additional crypto into accounts of new users to show our appreciation to new users! Please help support our growing community!

For Android Users:
For iOS Users:
https://apps.apple.com/us/app/challengeeos/id1478759780Kindly drop your Challenge username in the comment section of this post so we can send your extra CHL tokens across to you. This will enable our users to be able to send numerous challenges to friends and family.Join our Official Telegram if you have any questions:)
Visit our website for more info https://challengedapp.io

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this is very important post my dear..
Thanks for visiting my post... best of luck ❤️

11.01.2020 10:03

Nice ......very nice

11.01.2020 16:25

Challengeeos App is a Global blockchain social media challenge dapp and is the right dapp for this generation and the future.

11.01.2020 14:34

Yeah... I'm part of this success..

11.01.2020 21:29

That's a great news all challengedapp users

11.01.2020 17:52

I have downloaded the app but have some trouble to confirmed my location. My username: sadikulazizz

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11.01.2020 18:51

wow great news

12.01.2020 03:51

My first ChallengeEOS post! Interesting concept! User name is "ironshielder"


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12.01.2020 07:09

This is incredible. Definitely gonna download ut

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12.01.2020 09:45

After saving the location successfully, the app brings me back to the login page. There is some issue with it.

Username: syedumaireos

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22.01.2020 16:18