Someone, please fill our order for an additional 37,500! Also anyone interested in trading CHLP for Steem Delegation!

Someone, please fill our order for an additional 37,500  Steem power ! We want to add to our already existing 230,000 in Steem delegation! So we can give out more Steem to people who download Challengeeos and post about Challenges they make using the platform! Challengeeos,is a mobile application that allows users to place tokens in smart contracts at physical locations that then can be unlocked by users who travel to that place! Great for an incentivizing meet up's or encouraging people to come to events or bissiness. The application helps use crypto to bring people togeter! Also please let us know if anyone is interested in trading  CHLP for Steem delegation! 

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Hi I'm interested

21.01.2020 19:37