Had a blast at the San Diego fit expo!

Had I chance to check out the San Diego fit expo this past weekend!
It was a great event and is held every year around the middle of October in San Diego! This was my first year attending and I was there to complete in a Muay Thai competition

(where I was victorious in case you were wondering lol) The expo was an example of one of the many great events that are hosted in the San Diego Area. A must for any fitness enthusiast, A ton big names there. Everyone was super cool and approachable even had a chance to get a picture with 4 time MR Olympia winner Jay Cutler and social media personality Brad Castleberry.

It was a fun event and would recommend people mark in down on their calendar for next year!

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17.10.2019 03:17

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19.10.2019 22:54

Can I be mean? 🤪 You look a touch too heavy for muay thai, but congrats on your achievement!

20.10.2019 06:26