Free Ethereum for North American Bitcoin Conference Attendees!

Challengedac is giving Ethereum to the first 100 hundred  American bitcoin conference attendees who download the Challengeeos app! 

All participants have to do is download the Challengeeos app that is available in both IOS and Google Play stores. Once, downloaded users simply have to join the  American bitcoin conference challenge which is currently live now! Once joined users have to be at the conference address  ( 400 SE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL ) before 10 PM January 17th. Afterwhich the Ethereum will be deposited into the Challengeeos wallet of the user which can to sent to other  wallets if desired!

Download The Challenge App for your mobile Here=)
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Twitter: @ChallengeDac

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enjoy the #challengedac

15.01.2020 02:03

Haha, I most likely won't be completing the Challenge Myself. Although I wound like to it's like 3,000 miles away and like two days from now. The challenge ends tomorrow. It certainly looks cool too short notice for me to attend now. I run across the place while searching for cool places to make Challenges at! Maybe next year I'll go! I haven't checked yet but hopefully, most people claimed the prize from the North American Bitcoin Challenge!

16.01.2020 08:29