- Automate high quality real browser screenshots in seconds

Automate high quality real browser screenshots in seconds



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Screenshots.Cloud allows you to take screenshots of any website using a real browser with properly smoothed fonts. It makes sure to trigger lazily loaded images and automatically close marketing popups so you always get the screenshot you want to take. It also supporst the latest technology like SVG, Canvas, WebGL, Flexbox and CSS Grids if you're trying to take screenshots of modern pages.


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Why would you need to automate screenshots unless you were an employer who wanted to take screenshots of your remote employee's monitor to make sure they were actually working?

08.10.2020 09:39

It is very useful looking as you can stop some unnecessary pop ups and can take immediately the screenshot of webpage with different changing fonts

08.10.2020 14:41

Clarity is very important in screenshot else it does not fulfill the purpose. thanks for sharing.

08.10.2020 14:46

Seems like a good tool for screenshot and I will use it. nice hunting

08.10.2020 14:51


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