@Art-Venture Macro Photography contest – Butterfly

Greetings friends, this is my participation in the contest promoted by @ Art-Venture whose theme is Macro Photography. I was in the garden of my house and take the opportunity to capture this beautiful photograph of a butterfly.


Benq AC-100 camera
Country: Venezuela

If you want to participate here I leave you the link of the contest

Thanks for reading my post, see you in the next post.


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Hola amigo, que hermosura de fotografía, la verdad es que no es fácil tomar una foto como esa, te felicito!! Las mariposas de por sí son muy lindas, gracias por compartirlo con nosotros.


17.08.2020 01:01

Hola muchas gracias

17.08.2020 01:21

Looking at the pattern of the wings it reminds me the painting that some people do using coffee, you were luck to capture it :)

18.08.2020 18:55

If it was a butterfly that was static for a few seconds and take the photo. Thanks for comment

18.08.2020 20:46

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20.08.2020 01:35