No matter how rich someone becomes. Cannot complete its work without workers and support.

Hi beautiful world!
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Always everyone starts life as a laborer, whether it is for the country, for the family or for the society. Without the workers, no goal can be imagined. Today is World Labor Day. But see the irony, once again people are migrating from cities to their villages due to the epidemic. The life of these laborers is facing an epidemic threat. Just 1 day ago, I returned after working in the polls. I definitely got 12 hundred rupees but it is like messing with life. I have to stay home quarntine for a week so that other people are not endangered because of me. Give a little time to the pain of the workers as well. See in what situation they are taking care of his family. I am proud of such self-respecting and hardworking laborers who sacrifices everything for their family and country.
Thank you

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