There is no virus bigger than fear, and there is no vaccine more than courage. Dtube lifetalk

Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a peaceful weekend..
Where is will, there is way and where is hope there is life..At this time, we need the meanings written in the above words the most. A slight fear can be a big disaster for us. This time need to change our mind set taking our life.. It is not a bravery to break the rule but bravery is to keep ourselves safe. No matter how you are physically strong but you are mentally weak then no one can stop you to go into trouble. This is reality that we have to accept because there is no virus bigger than a fear and also there is no vaccine rather than our courage. This time we have to be more courageous. We have to strengthen our will power. Mostly people are getting trouble due to their fear. Don't lose hope. We are human and our thinking should be optimistic. Otherwise day is not so far when we will curse to our self. One Positive thinking can change our whole life. So take the situation seriously and try to do your best what you can do for your life..
Thank you

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