"Why I Am Still Here"-. Initiative @theycallmedan, My Story of My Life Together steemit

Hi everyone,

On this occasion I will participate in the contest that our Steminian brother @theycallmedan is promoting, I say our brother, because in this community of steemit we are a great family that support each other, we talk, we share our sadness, joy, experiences and defend OUR GREAT STEEMIT HOUSE together as a family, these days our house (steemit) is experiencing strong turbulence due to the consequences of the great tricks that Justin made to mobilize 20 of his witnesses to gain control, but there have been many campaigns for all Steminians to support our Witnesses and our house is still a decentralized platform, where we can all be, congratulations to all who are participating in this campaign, this is one of the reasons that I remain here that we are a family that is united, that we fight day by day we want to always support when you need us most, having a sense of pe Belonging, that steemit is our house, our platform, nothing and nobody can come to change our house.

My story

Start on this platform in August 2018, thanks to my brother @junior182 who told me about this platform, at that time my family was going through strong things one of them that my father was detected a Tumor Occupant Injury from C2 to C4 in where this caused him to become paraplegic (losing the mobility of his legs) where he could not get up on his own, that he had to be helped by my mother to lift him day after day is a strong situation, my mother or fed him, bathed him , I took care, the love so great that my mother has for my father, is an incomparable love because very little the woman who stays with a man who is dependent on her in every way, My mother for me is a GREAT WAR that He never felt pain, nor discomfort in what he did for my father day after day, to lift him from the bed to the wheelchair alone with the full weight because my father could not support himself, very little that is next to someone when he sinks my mad re continued next to him. Apart from that of my father, my older sister was detected a cyst that was growing in her abdomen every time that until today there was no exact information as it was believed, as from one moment to another God healed her (but for That was almost a year that we saw my sister's growth or abdomen without any explanation, since the studies carried out did not reflect well what exactly it was and where it was located) by having two strong events in our family, because my sister could even burst and die. At that time I had a newborn girl who is the rainbow of our house, which gave us happiness and joy in this time that we lived strong events.

At that time that my girl was a newborn, it was difficult for me to help my mother in raising my father in strength I couldn't, and my sister likewise, doing that all my things had to be done by my mother alone, causing me pain to see how my Mama struggled day after day. The situation in Venezuela for anyone a secret that has become a difficult road to obtain income and food products too expensive, I did not know what to do we needed more income because of the issue of my father, sister and I had a little girl who needed From me, my brother told me about this steemit platform that for writing you get paid, which at first I confess I didn't believe, as a platform I was going to pay you for writing. At the beginning I explored a bit of this platform, I saw a trend as many people were doing post were paid, at the time I got my account, I made post on technology, but I got very little vote, little reward, but that did not stop me, continue working doing post, but with my little girl, what I lived in my house, I had almost no time to devote to this great platform.

After the death of my father, I left steemit because it caused me nothing, there was a sadness that invaded me all being, a depression that only made me lift my daughter, but I had no courage to write, I didn't think anything else but that empty pain I felt. After a while I published again, my economy became stronger every day, a girl who depended on me, had to buy her things and continue doing post, every day learning more about this platform, I am currently a red fish, which I still need to learn a lot, spend more time, I can not deny that from the beginning I had steemit as a financial outlet, although it was not much what I earned helps me to solve some other things, even now in this year 2020 steemit for me It is my great rescue that is helping me now that I am out of work, that it makes me difficult for the little I write about the bad internet connection, this is a bit of my stories.

What motivates you to continue publishing, selecting, interacting or helping the Steem community grow, despite this 2-year bear market?

A .: When I started on steemit and its market was bearish, so I did not see steemit when I was in his great glory, that has not hurt me to give it up, because I met her when I was in a low market, but despite them It helped me financially, I think if today that Steem has a low market, it still helps me financially as I would gain today if that market were on the rise.
Because I continue to interact, not only for the financial part I am still here, steemit has opened its doors helped me in the intellectual part showing me a world where I did not know that it was his part of the cryptocurrency, I did not know any of that, apart from knowing many stories that are shared on this platform, where we can be a teacher and students, share our knowledge, what is today like Big Whales can look a little at us the little redfish, where one day they started wanted someone's help, today It is up to you to help those of us below to continue to get up and help what is coming.

In turn I continue here, for the people I have met every day, who have opened their doors to me, I have met many of them, who shares their life, happiness, sadness, professional talent, hobbies until meme that makes me laugh in one day I have in gray, steemit is a house that brings us together no matter where you are from, what politics you are, or religion, that unites us more as human beings being connected regardless of whether you are on the other side of the world, we are a family of siblings that we help each other raise in an economic way, intellectually where we learn from each other.

 Are you riding or are you dying from Steem? If so, why?

Because I continue today, because the great teaching that I have learned from here, by the brothers that we are in as we are today we are demonstrating that all together we can overcome, that we are a great family that help each other without looking at anything, nor that it is The smallest fish you are starting is important in this platform that each has a fundamental role in it. Withdrawing is not in my mind, I am a person who loves and fights for what he loves, I Today I Love Steemit, so I will not abandon him.


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