Wao Come and See the New Transformation of the Reviewhunt Page

Hi everyone,

This time I come to tell you about a platform that I started last night, I already completed my first mission, I confess something was fantastic how quickly I could fulfill it, apart from that it has already been approved by a moderator, within 4 hours I will have my payment, As if you are reading it only 4 hours after getting my rewards, it is not a lie because I already did my first mission, here I am with my third mission already…. So here I bring you all the information you need to know:


Do you know Reviewhunt?

Well if you don't know what it is? I come to tell you about this page that is being a boom in social networks, this is a platform that have two options if you are a manufacturer and want to share and publicize your products this is the best option, because other people will make known your products, by means of missions that you will create this will be done by the “mission hunters” for each of them they will receive prizes that you can currently earn USD. And if you are a hunter you just want to complete missions, don't wait any longer and come join the fun and earn money just completing the missions.

Other of the great advantages of this platform is its interface that is clean and pleasant, the missions it is offering are easy and simple to perform, it gives you 24 hours to accept each mission so you have enough time to do it, and the best of everything is that you do not have to wait many days to collect your rewards, "Read these only 4 hours after you approve your mission can charge it" to withdraw you need a minimum of 1 USD.

Currently this platform is provided 17 missions, if you look elsewhere to earn money, complete each mission you will be earning $$$, in turn this uses Blockstack authentication where your digital right will be protected, if before it was a hunter Reviewhunt, you must join again for the change of Blocktack.

How to register in Reviewhunt?

It is very easy to register just follow these steps:

1.- You only have to access through this Link Reviewhunt do not worry that this is not for reference, when accessing this link you will see a screen like this click on Sign up

2.- Then it will take you to another screen like the one below, press continue.


3.- Here you will create your ID to access the platform. Where you will place your username.


4.- After creating it you will receive an email to your inbox for email verification, verify.


5.- From that moment you can enter this wonderful platform and start doing your missions and earn $$$.


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