Typeearn.com.- The new way to type and win

The world of cryptocurrencies has been advancing every day more in favor of the development of the person, this has made new platforms born to generate new learning, new friends, new knowledge, other different currencies, I say this with all truth because every day there is new platform that helps the Pro of people who has made life in steemit on any interface.

There are many people who have moved away to see how the currency of steem has been declining, which should not happen because when you commit to something it must be in good times and bad (like a marriage), I eat when I start I have helped a lot from this platform, if I declined to see how my post had few votes, but still continued. But now on this platform many doors have been opened that have made steem take more value every day to make publications, the tokens have supported users more by rewarding them for their efforts and efforts so let's not decay and continue enjoying, learning, sharing, Voting with other users. Today I just saw a new platform called TypeEarn, this is another one that you will love and help you ... so don't wait any longer enter this world.

What is TypeEarn?

This is a platform that aims to return to having control of the typist again that we no longer just slide our fingers on a Tablet, or phone. But we focus on learning to write, I remember the first time I wrote on a typewriter was in high school, this part was very difficult for me, it is not like a computer that can be deleted and edited. Well, speaking of the platform, I want to tell you that it has a very user-friendly interface, this account has typing activity where you will be given a paragraph that you must write and in turn it has a stopwatch where it will take control of how long it takes to type .


Platform feature

  • Rewards you with a coin token called TypeCoin.
  • Improve your ability with the keyboard.
  • Daily limit to execute the option to win TPC 5 times.
  • Buy at least 20 TPC first
  • It has an area to practice.
  • You can publish your performance from TypeEarn and share it on the Steem network.
  • track your writing speed
  • the section can be accessed without logging in
  • air launch will last two weeks.

For a future

For a not too distant future, this platform is already preparing a project that has the relationship of offering an activity service for users of this platform to complete and, upon completion, obtain a reward for it, keep track and control of statistics and user progress, in turn the user can share their progress report on their social networks not only on steemit but on Facebook and Twitter among others, one that I would like to try because it looks fun is the online competition with friends imagine competing typing with another person from another country would be very fabulous and at the same time they will be held until waooo tournament I can not wait to see these types of projects that this platform brings while I learn, win friends and touch several things in one place.

The calculations for the payment of the token is the following formula:

(PE * PPM + TypePower) / 1000
PE: Written Word
PPM: Words Per Minute
TypePower: Currency engine.
1000: Standard Value.

So type fast and get your account of how much your reward will be ...

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