@celfmagazine and @celfditorial Landing Page - Fundition Update / Página de Inicio

As you may know, we at @celfmagazine are working to deliver value to a larger community that involves all artists around the world and also the people that enjoy this kind of content.

As we argued in the launch of our crowdfounding campaign, our mission is to be able to establish a collaborative magazine model in the Steem blockchain, and in a later phase two create a product/service that can be purchased with crypto currencies (STEEM, BTC, ETH, etc) and FIAT.

In this first stage, our effort will focus primarily on traffic and create a committed audience... according to our plans we should start working on the phase 2 in 4 months.

Our content is outstanding, and we are sure of that, we want to thank particularly our writers @josemalavem, @fer.lubezki, @universoperdido and @pialejoana.

Getting to the point of this update

Creating a landing page that actually works, see it by clicking here

One of the fundamental elements for any project or online business, is a landing page that manages to captivate the reader, without boring him, describing the product / service that is offered in a simple and understandable way.

>Below you can see the information that is being reflected on the landing page



A community where art is valued

We believe that art and culture is of vital importance to a constantly advancing society, our vision is to build a decentralized model of community growth, focused on culture, art and constructive feedback.

Artistic appreciation and diffusion

- Nearly 70 articles distributed and rewarded weekly, distributing approximately 30 STEEMS among all its authors.


Innovative and constantly growing editorial proposal

- Editorial content with the mission of giving exposure to Latin American and world artists, and in turn rewarding and incorporating more and more ccreatives in our eam through the Blockchain Steem, rewarding each author with the liquid STEEM generated by the content.




Una comunidad donde el arte es valorado

Creemos que el arte y la cultura es de vital importancia para una sociedad en constante avance, nuestra visión es construir un modelo de crecimiento comunitario descentralizado, enfocado en la cultura, el arte y la retroalimentación constructiva.

Valoración y difusión artística


Propuesta editorial innovadora y en constante crecimiento


Missing etails

A call to action; we want to find a way for people who visit our site to do the following things simply:

- Join our community and understand what the project is about
- Read our articles
- Create a Steem account, if possible, buy their first amount of STEEM and/or start posting their content.

Contribute to @celfmagazine and @celfditorial

We have been one of the most consistent projects at STEEM, we have stood firm on our proposal to create valuable content for the blockchain and its community, and now we need your support, here are some simple ways you can support us.

- Contribute your bit with a comment, you can help us build this magazine with your ideas, tell us your point of view and what things we can add as we progress.
- Make a donation with STEEM or SBD, at the launch of our campaign is fully detailed how we will use the funds to move forward with the project.
- Support us with an upvote, you can vote for all of our updates, curation reports, articles, and join our @celfditorial and @celfmagazine fan base
- Share this information with your friends on social networks and also steem.

>Building trust in a multi-language community

>In order to receive upvotes funding from @fundition, and sponsors who wish to join our project, we will translate the editorial content as updates for our crowdfunding fundition campaign.

> As the project gets underway and develops, we will seek, as far as possible, to work hand in hand with the English-speaking community, as we understand that our value proposition crosses the language barrier and should not be limited by it.

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