The Road to Steemfest | Business or Pleasure


My primary motive with Steemfest hasn't changed from last year: it is (mostly) pleasure. What I mean with "mostly" in brackets, is that with Steem the pleasure and businesses sort of blend in together. I'm primarily not a business man, I just like the ethos of taking the middleman out of content delivery and having it empower the content producers and curators/consumers directly. But people I've met through this platform are the main reason I keep engaging here. I've already said it, but homo steemian definitely is a breed of human like no other, one who's had to ride the bulls and fight the bears – they've experienced such emotional waves that it makes me think they'd be able to surf a tsunami no problem.

Since we are part of an ecosystem where economics is an intrinsically built in feature, business always follows your actions. Business is a bit of a different game here on Steem from the traditional one though, since here making genuine human connections is often the way that business starts to flourish, too. Steem gives opportunity to people that otherwise would've been left out from important financial aspects like investing due to not having enough funds. Here the only thing one needs for investing isn't even money, but a brain, I don't think opportunity could be more equally available than that.

Several people I've got to know on-chain I've had the opportunity to meet off-chain, too, like just yesterday. These meetups create bridges between online and physical world, creating emotional bonds. They go both ways, since the sense of connection created in physical world also gives more value to Steem due to emotional attachment – which I don't see as a bad thing. When Steem gets so emotional – in the good and the bad – it shows that people care, and that's exactly what we want, don't we? Value is no longer given unto us by banks, but we can create our economical value.

Pleasure and people is mostly in my mind when I'll be flying to Thailand, but luckily business follows me everywhere due to Steem's nature, without interfering the pleasure. Pretty cool, right?

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Awesome! I think your taking the next off chain steps that many of us will follow in. The Bangkok steemfest looks awesome. I will be looking forward to going to the next one, please write about your experience on this one please πŸ‘πŸΌ

29.09.2019 19:18

Was already in SF3, so I know it'll be a blast. Will come up with some material of it for sure.

29.09.2019 20:27

Sweet! Good man. I’m looking at becoming an off site Steemian as I move from minnow to dolphin. Can’t wait to meet other people who blog, create content and hang out here πŸ‘πŸ»

29.09.2019 21:15

I think you are right about so many things. The community is what drags us back here on a daily. Though I still can't wait for the business side of it to go bananas. The reach will be fueled by the same community dragging us back here to millions. I can't to join in the pleasure part!

Enjoy Steemfest β™‘

29.09.2019 20:31

Though I still can't wait for the business side of it to go bananas. The reach will be fueled by the same community dragging us back here to millions.

It might take a while until the business side starts to flourish - that's what I'm prepared for - but we indeed have a strong community that has gone through it all and kept building, so we are well positioned for the future.

30.09.2019 04:57

With this pace and bots out... soon business will find it's way here. Can't wait to buy with Steem!

30.09.2019 08:10

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