Steemalive City Cordinators report| By @ceendy20

Hello steemians, am @ceendy20 and I bring us report from the owerri city. It's been an awesome journey so far and am here to give us report.



Last week I was able to recruit 7 new members to the steemalive community, and there still more to be recruited.
Achievement post
@ezemoni Achievement 1
@max-ben Achievement 1
@winniebills Achievement 1
@x-clusive Achievement 1

Challenges faced recently

There are no current challenges faced as at now, everything is going on well. Av been able to start proper communication with the owerri steemians once again, and we are moving forward.

Recent Development/ Appointment

After a deep conversation with the founder steemalive community @focusnow, due to some forseen circumstances, who advised I get an assistant, someone who can stand in for me and assist me, and I found that really helpful. She will start working with me immediately.

After much deliberation and consideration, I pick someone who I know is equal to the task, someone reliable and loyal, and that is @ngozi996. There are a good number of reasons why I picked her, which I will state out here..

  1. She is very active on steemit
  2. Gave her an assignment and she kept to the task
  3. Intelligent and loyal to the core

And many more.......

Recent Engagements

There hasn't been a physical Meetup with all the owerri steemians,but am working towards that, but I was able to meet with some very active steemians and we discussed a lot on how to move the city forward.

@ceendy20 @alexanderpeace and @jovita30

We met on Sunday 27/06/2021, and it was an awesome meeting.

Currently we have new and old members in the city of owerri,am going to be listing them out

Name Activity level Achievement
@ceendy20 Active 5 task 2
@justice2550 Active 4
@lewas-write Active 1
@jennykel56 Inactive 1
@giftye Active 4
@ngozi996 Active 3
@rebecca97 Active 2
@jovita30 Active 4
@marita-mbamara Active 2
@amazingcyndy Active 3
@hyacinthfavour inactive 3
@deklazz Active 1
@mondarl Active 3
@michaelu40 Active 3
@wesperjordsan Active 3
@irene-hic Active 3
@manni-el Active 1
@d-princess Active 2
@caramella111 Active 1
@happy01 Active 3
@alexanderpeace Active 4
@favorbee Active 1
@pandoradiary Active 1
@wendy50 Active 1
@sir-vin Active 1

Summary of Steemit users in (Owerri)


Total Users in the city 30
Active 25
Inactive 5
New users recruited this week 7


We have some stated plans on ground, that would enable us recruit more steemians in the city of owerri.

1 To creat awareness via radio station
2 To hit the social media platforms
3 To get an office
4 One on one creating of awareness
5 To organize meet ups and hangout for the owerri steemians
6 To visit nearby high institutions and let them know about steemit and it's benefit

These and many more we would do to get more members from the city of owerri.

My special thanks goes to @steemitblog @steemalive @focusnow. I am @ceendy20, reporting from the city of owerri.
Best regards


Comments 11

Good one and kudos ma for a job well done

28.06.2021 21:03

Thank you very much ma for this update. We would keep pushing

28.06.2021 21:04

It's so good to have you back ma @ceendy20. We are with you 100% . I promise to help in moving steemit owerri forward to the best of my ability.

28.06.2021 21:57

That's right ma'am. We move. We are stronger together. Thank you for all you do for Owerri Steemians. We luv you ma'am.

28.06.2021 21:58

Its good to have u back mama. We are stronger together.

29.06.2021 05:30

Owerri is moving forward. Good to have u back ma. Congratulations to the new assistant @ngozi996. We move

29.06.2021 13:05

Thank you ma @alexanderpeace

29.06.2021 18:45

Thanks ma for this awesome report, i promise to be more active. Owerri is moving forward. Congratulations to the new assistant @ngozi996. Thanks to steemalive.

29.06.2021 23:34

Thank you @lewas-write

30.06.2021 05:51

Thanks for the report, promise to participate more in the city projects in the coming months

01.07.2021 00:38

Thanks for the update and congratulation to the new assistant @ngozi996. We move forward.

01.07.2021 00:46