Steemalive City Cordinators report For The City Of Owerri|| Report by @ceendy20

Hello steemians, am @ceendy20 and I bring us report from the owerri city. It's been an awesome journey so far and am here to give us report.



Last week I was able to recruit 1 new members to the steemalive community, and there still more to be recruited.
Name | Achievement post@favorbee | still on it

Challenges faced this week

One of the major challenge I faced this week, we the issue of registration, the registration site was giving me issues, but fortunately enough @focusnow was able to come up with another way with which we were able to register people, I had little challenge mastering that pattern but will get used to it soon. Thank you @focusnow, always to the rescue.

Currently we have more people come in from the city of owerri.
There are many more still on the line of recruiting,I will add them in my next report.

Currently we have new and old members in the city of owerri,am going to be listing them out

Name Activity level Achievement
@ceendy20 Active 5 task 2
@justice2550 Active 4
@lewas-write Active 1
@jennykel56 Inactive 1
@giftye Active 4
@ngozi996 Active 3
@rebecca97 Active 2
@jovita30 Active 1
@marita-mbamara Active 2
@amazingcyndy Active 3
@hyacinthfavour inactive 3
@deklazz Active 1
@mondarl Active 3
@michaelu40 Active 3
@wesperjordsan Active 3
@irene-hic Active 2
@manni-el Active 1
@d-princess Active 2
@caramella111 Active 1

Summary of Steemit users in (Owerri)


Total Users in the city 21
Active 20
Inactive 1
New users recruited this week 4

Meet up with some owerri steemians

I was able to have a little meet up with some hardworking owerri steemians, @jovita30 , @ngozi996 @lewas-write @amazingcyndy ,thier drive and passion for steemit is second to none. We went for a conference and we used that opportunity to have a brief meeting concerning moving the owerri group forward.
We agreed for a meet up for all the owerri steemians, but date and venue has not been fixed yet. We had an awesome time together.

@ceendy20 @jovita30 @ngozi996 @lewas-write


We have some stated plans on ground, that would enable us recruit more steemians in the city of owerri.

1 To creat awareness via radio station
2 To hit the social media platforms
3 To get an office
4 One on one creating of awareness
5 To organize meet ups and hangout for the owerri steemians
6 To visit nearby high institutions and let them know about steemit and it's benefit

These and many more we would do to get more members from the city of owerri.

My special thanks goes to @steemitblog @steemalive @focusnow. I am @ceendy20, reporting from the city of owerri.
Best regards


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Coordinator of all coordinators @ceendy20 you're doing well ma. I really learnt a lot meeting with you in aba. I can't wait for the unveiling of our plans

04.05.2021 07:43

Thank you @ngizi996, you are doing well yourself

08.05.2021 00:18

I was also there Well done ma'am. We're not slowing down at all.

04.05.2021 07:46

Sorry I didn't include your name,and we are not slowing down, thank you

08.05.2021 00:19

I love steemit, no regrets about joining steemit. Thankyou ma @ceendy20

04.05.2021 07:58

Am glad you don't have any regrets, you are always welcome

08.05.2021 00:19

We are making steemit a house hold name in owerri. Welldone my cordinator @ceendy20

04.05.2021 08:21

Thank you @jovita30 only you na vibe

08.05.2021 00:20

My coordinator way sabi, cut soap for you girl na.😂

08.05.2021 06:26

We are doing the most
More grace @ceendy20

04.05.2021 10:08

Thank you @wesperjodsan

08.05.2021 00:20

And as we strive to never give up,,,up up up steemit

04.05.2021 10:10

No giving up at all, steemit all the way, thank you @rebecca97

08.05.2021 00:21

You're doing well ma, I pray for fast actualization of plans

04.05.2021 10:12

Thank you @ojoyceoma

08.05.2021 00:22

You've done so well ma,more Grace

04.05.2021 15:08

Thank you @bytania, keep pushing, don't relent

08.05.2021 00:23

My mama my mama,we're taking steemit to a whole new level. WE MUUUUVEEE....!.

But I'm jealous I'm not in the picture

04.05.2021 18:00

Hahahahahahha, we will be having a hangout soon, we will get to take pictures

08.05.2021 00:23

My fingers are crossed ma

08.05.2021 06:10

Thank you @ceendy20 for this well stated plans, looking forward totge actualization of these plans. Thanks for beign a good Cordinator.
Best regards

05.05.2021 09:39

Thank you @deklazz

08.05.2021 00:24

More grease to your elbow, fire on. Am with you

05.05.2021 11:22

Thank you so much @michaelu40

08.05.2021 00:24

Ma your really working hard , I will try my best to emulate you. Steemit, here we come in Owerri.

06.05.2021 08:55

We all put in our best sir, thank you @mondarl

08.05.2021 00:25

You’re doing a great job Ma.

08.05.2021 06:31

Well done ma. I must commend you for the serious work you are putting in Steemalive Owerri. I am still finding regrets why I joined steemit. I will ever be grateful ma for this opportunity.

08.05.2021 07:57

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Have a nice day!

09.05.2021 17:08

Glad am onboard the team now. #steemalive

11.05.2021 19:18