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Steemalive City Cordinators report, For The City Of Owerri

Hello steemians, am @ceendy20 and I bring us report from the owerri city. It's been an awesome journey so far and am here to give us report.


Last week I was able to recruit 4 new members to the steemalive community, and there still more to be recruited.


Recently av been able to recruit newbies into the steemit community, they are;

Newbie Achievements
@mizrugged 1
@anamygold on it
@caramella 1

Currently we have more people come in from the city of owerri.
There are many more still on the line of recruiting,I will add them in my next report.

Currently we have new and old members in the city of owerri,am going to be listing them out

Name Activity level Achievement
@ceendy20 Active 5 task 2
@justice2550 Active 4
@lewas-write Active 1
@jennykel56 Active 1
@giftye Active 4
@ngozi996 Active 3
@rebecca97 Active 2
@jovita30 Active 1
@marita-mbamara Active 2
@amazingcyndy Active 1
@hyacinthfavour Active 3
@deklazz Active 1
@mondarl Active 3
@michaelu40 Active 3
@wesperjordsan Active 3
@irene-hic Active 2
@manni-el Active 1
@d-princess Ative 2
@carmella111 Activve 1

Summary of Steemit users in (Owerri)


Total Users in the city 21
Active 20
Inactive 1
New users recruited this week 4

There are still a lot more prospective steemians,that are yet to be registered. But so far I have registered 4 recently

Here are the steemians in the city of owerri. Am doing more to push them to make at least one post a day.


We have some stated plans on ground, that would enable us recruit more steemians in the city of owerri.

1 To creat awareness via radio station
2 To hit the social media platforms
3 To get an office
4 One on one creating of awareness
5 To organize meet ups and hangout for the owerri steemians
6 To visit nearby high institutions and let them know about steemit and it's benefit

These and many more we would do to get more members from the city of owerri.

My special thanks goes to @steemitblog @steemalive @focusnow. I am @ceendy20, reporting from the city of owerri.
Best regards


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Up move
We coming Big

28.04.2021 08:24

Thank you ma'am, with you in Owerri we move.

28.04.2021 08:30

I can't wait for us to roll out the big drums @ceendy20 Owerri here we come.

28.04.2021 09:21

Owerri is really steeming it. You are doing a great job ma. You are a codinator in deed.

28.04.2021 13:09

Fire on owerri...

28.04.2021 21:42

I am ready to lend my support to move forward

29.04.2021 00:00

Connected we stay,united we stand,we are indeed elevating ,owerri is a move

29.04.2021 09:25

You have been curated by @yohan2on, a country representative (Uganda) and a member of the SteemPOD team. We are curating using the steemcurator04 curator account to support steemians in Africa.

Well done with the recruitment.

Always follow @ steemitblog for updates on Steemit

29.04.2021 09:29

We're moving ma..... All the way

01.05.2021 07:09

You’re doing great @ceendy20

01.05.2021 11:35

Creating awareness will be a good move

01.05.2021 11:58

Thanks for the encouragement ma @ceendy20,it's been very helpful. We muuuuuuvvvve..!

01.05.2021 20:06

We're getting bigger everyday

03.05.2021 15:40

Wow... My mama is really doing a great job, thanks so much ma for your effort.

06.05.2021 08:03