Voter-A is about to take up arms: What are you doing?

Ministers, chaplains and social workers from Ohio, who volunteered to defeat the election, said in a video conference, sang the new conceptual conditions they would face on election day, pushing people to vote. , From people who refuse to wear masks. is the.

Then he faced one last situation which made him very upset.

“Voter-A is about to take up arms: What are you doing?” Rev. Fr., minister and executive director of Unitarian Universalist Justice in Ohio. Asked Joan von Beckley.

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The awards in Ohio are the first in an extraordinary effort to ensure systematic elections. This year, voting rights groups are studying from different parts of the state to vote for them - they even wear their cloak at polling stations - in an attempt to appease polarized voters who vote in the toughest election season. Are doing Breeds.

"One time someone came up to me and pointed his gun at me and said, 'I need food. 'Van Beakley remembers working in the soup kitchen a year ago. "I'm just happy to be free. I told him we had food and he was welcome. Soon the gun was on his side. "

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