Tsum Tsum 天人交戰

Do you love Disney? I can't refuse any kind of cute stuff. Obviously, Er-Mao thinks I am talking about him.meow.gifThe super cute version of Disney characters in the mobile game "Tsum Tsum" make the girls all over the world crazy.The name, Tsum Tsum, is from Japanese which means accumulation.

有人不喜歡迪士尼嗎? 對於可愛的事物,我基本上沒有沒有什麼抗拒力。(二毛:是在說我嗎?)
其是Line出了迪士尼的遊戲Tsum Tsum,Q版迪士尼角色,簡直讓我少女心大噴發love10.gif
Tsum Tsum 名稱來自日文的文的堆積的意思,色被設計成積木的模樣, 圓滾滾的大頭娃娃, 任誰看了都會被融化。love25.gif

I saw the toy car of the Tsum Tsum design style at Costco. Super super super cute!!! Even I am not the age who would like to play the toy car, I still want to keep them as my collection.
在Costco看一款Tsum Tsum的玩具車,敲敲敲~可愛!!! cute.gif

But I still didn't take them home finally. There is too many stuff in my house. I have to control myself!! OMG!!! Somebody tie me up!!!!crazy.gif
我來回踱步,繞了趟, 想到家裡東西已經多到快炸出來了,最後還是忍住沒有買。
不知道會不會過一陣子心癢難耐, 又跑去把他們帶回家呢?忍住啊!like04.gif

🐹 我真的真的有勤儉持家😅
🐷 老公,不如你買來送我好送我好了😛

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