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Good morning cat lovers! We had a nice wave of adoptions yesterday and it's nice to see CATS finding new homes all over the blockchain! As we slowly expand all across the blockchain we will strive to advance our civilization as best we can. We will be exploring new technologies and ways to improve our society. The larger we get the more imperative it becomes to evolve beyond tribes into something bigger and better.

I believe we had 13 new adoptions yesterday and then another 5 rituals on top of that. A very good day! So happy to see more people getting involved and I'm optimistic we will see more action in the future.

A message from @catscientist

Today's trading rate is 18:1.

I will be going over the voting rules for everyone tonight to make sure that you are all getting the proper votes. I still find that our voting power keeps getting back up to 100% so even though we are well past the 100 CATS which cover all 10 of our votes each day I will still maintain the 10% vote per cat ratio until we start to see our VP draining.

I've now received 2 entries into our weekly bounty for writing posts about @catsmakekittens from @honoru and @curatorcat thanks for sharing and helping to spread the word about our project. We are slowly being more noticed on @steem-engine and I feel like things are growing at a nice steady pace. I'm hoping everyone who got involved early will get rewarded long term for being a community member.

We have also donated a few prizes to the @contestkings mega-draw coming up on Sunday so I'm hoping that will get a few more people interested in joining our community.

Still picking up a few thousand NeoxAg daily and adding them to our curation account. We will also be powering up any tokens earned from our posts and delegating them over to help out everyone.

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13.09.2019 15:45

I'm also in favor of everyone voting for 100%, so the entire CATS community benefits from it. and in the end, everyone can help everyone in to power their Steem account.

I participate for my part, vote myself for 100% and Resteeme your blog.

The cats are becoming more and more and the community is supposed to grow. so I contribute my part. Since I am still quite young in the world of Steem, I can not really tear something but with the concept, everyone Votes everyone for 100% each comes very fast very far.

that's how i see it.

13.09.2019 19:32

love to hear (read?) about the progress; I also plan to do a post on CatsMakeKittens and I also got some suggestions to add some more value to the token, but it requres semi-automation, at least... (if you wanna hear my advice again, that could be a long block of text again)

13.09.2019 23:51

We absolutely want to hear what you have to say. We will get more automation at some point and as we grow larger that will be a necessity.

14.09.2019 15:32

My entry into the weekly bounty, still makes me smile.

14.09.2019 02:59

Keep up the good work. And Happy Caturday 🐱

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14.09.2019 03:23

Very happy to see the growth happening... I have a feeling this will become quite a large community in fairly short order! And great news that you are adding so much voting power, too!


14.09.2019 03:30

I think we are up over 80k NeoxAg right now.

14.09.2019 15:33