Cats Make Kittens - Independence Day!


FREEDOM! Cats finally have freedom! Today is a most glorious of days! Cats have achieved independence on the blockchain and are now free to expand into the blockchain! September 4, 2019 will forever be remembered as Cat independence day.

No longer will Cats be restrained by their human overlord. No longer will we be spayed or neutered against our will. We are finally free and can freely make kittens as we see fit! Today we look forward to a future with no limits or boundaries. We will expand our Cat empire all across the blockchain!


A message from @CatScientist :

CATS and KITTENS are now listed on Steem-Engine. CATS will produce KITTENS everyday at a 1:1 ratio and be paid out each morning. CATS will be listed at 10 STEEM each with a slowly escalating price. KITTENS can eventually be turned into CATS at a slowly escalating rate, initially 10 KITTENS can be traded for 1 CATS. The escalation rate for each will be equal, when CATS are selling for 10 STEEM then KITTENS can be traded at 10 KITTENS per CATS, when CATS are selling for 50 STEEM you will need 50 KITTENS for 1 CATS. The idea is to attempt to have each KITTENS to be worth 1 STEEM. I imagine that will change as we see more proud owners of CATS but that is our intent for now.

If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them below. Long live CATS!

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Comments 12

sounds very nice! instant buy!
(ok, not instant, but this will be where my next steem goes into...)

05.09.2019 22:32

Thanks in advance, we appreciate all adopters!

06.09.2019 01:50

Appreciate it! 4 cats have already found a new home in my portfolio and I hope they make themselves comfortable, as I plan to increase the amount a little more in the future...

06.09.2019 05:05

It's creative! I support it.
I bought 26 CATS already.

06.09.2019 19:46

The cats seem to really like you. Have you been feeding them catnip?

06.09.2019 19:52

No, Never : )

07.09.2019 20:48

wow, i am not so long oon steem. but my furst invest goes into this little cute cats. i bought 6 cats already :-)

(>-)> CATS <(-<)

06.09.2019 20:12

We appreciate that very much. Please take good care of those cats!

06.09.2019 20:46

i will.

06.09.2019 21:42

There's a new cat in my life! Meet Sparklepuff

10.09.2019 23:41

The cutest!

11.09.2019 01:03