Cats Make Kittens - Expanding Our New Empire


We saw great advances for our new cat empire yesterday. CATS have been invading homes all over the blockchain and our wide spread message of love and peace is being well received. Our adoption center has been very busy this morning and we are on the brink of needing assistance! For now everything is under control but as we grow larger the entire cat empire needs to grow as well.

We have quite the adoption list this morning! Thank you to everyone who has rehomed our beautiful CATS but as you all know, we aren't very big on spaying and neutering so that means you will all be getting some lovely KITTENS everyday! Here is our daily adoption list:

17 Kittens are scampering over to @news-today
6 Kittens are ready to be loved by @bwar
5 Kittens have joined the @upfundme tribe
4 Kittens are blazing off with @unicron
4 Kittens venture into the night with @mfblack
4 Kittens are about to be pampered by @sumatranate
2 little twins are off to snuggle with @kenny-crane
1 calico kitty is heading to @ctrpch
1 kitty is headed to future cat lover @contrabourdon
1 kitty is likely about to confused by living with a @crypticat
1 bundle of joy (boj for short) is off to brighten up @simms50
1 mischievous little kitty is heading to live with @leysa
1 poor sad little kitty is likely to be auctioned off by @ironshield

Yowzers that's a lot more KITTENS then we sent out yesterday! Glad so many of you out there have been loving CATS and I hope you all love your KITTENS just as much!

A message from @CatScientist

As unbelievable as it is, I must applaud @catsmakekittens for going three days without making any cat puns, not sure I would have been capable of doing the same in their position. I mean those puns are just sitting right there ready to be used, mix in a little meow or purr into a sentence man!

Anyways back to the science. We will be buying more NeoxAg to support all of you today and should be able to grab around 10,000 which should be a nice support boost for all of you. There will be a daily 10% upvote given by me to each of you for each CATS you are hodling. I will be trying to give out a few extra votes right now just to make sure we are using all of our power up. So hopefully we will be close to 50k NeoxAg ready to upvote kitty lovers all over the blockchain.

If you have any technical questions let me know and I will do my best to answer! I mean I am a scientist after all.

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Got my first cat yesterday and this morning I am now the owner of a little kitten too!

06.09.2019 16:19

That kitty will need lots of love!

06.09.2019 18:08

Alright...but it better also learn how to hunt on its know...just in case!

06.09.2019 18:26

I'd just like to let all of our members know that I can provide limit support in a few other tribes if you don't normally post in #neoxian, the votes likely won't be quite as big but some of you may prefer different tokens on your posts. Here is a rough breakdown of stakes I have in other tribes:
CCC 4000~
GG 1000~
LEO 500~
SONIC 3000~
SPACO 35000~
SPORTS 4000~
UFM 6000~
PHOTO 20000~

If you'd like me to switch you over to one of the other tribes, I'm happy to just let me know.

06.09.2019 17:37

isn't it that the post gets upvotes from the other tribes, too, when you upvote it in steemit, as long as the creator is using the corresponding tags and is registered in the corresponding tribe on their homepage when published? (i publish on steempeak, but that doen not make any difference, as far as i know, as my stuff shows up here, on steempeak and in the pages of the tribes if i use the tag)

p.s.: just got myself 4 more cats on the market ;p so my name appears again tomorrow ^^

06.09.2019 17:48

These are all separate accounts so you'd be getting the votes from another source. I keep all my token stacks in nice neat piles!

06.09.2019 18:06

oh, ok. did not realize that. as i post steem monsters related stuff, i could make use of gg, pal and of course neoxag ^^

06.09.2019 18:57

You could use to automate this with a trail vote with tag whitelisting for each account. That way each one automatically votes when people use different tribes but doesn't vote if they don't use that tribe's tag.

07.09.2019 09:14

I am using steemrewarding, been very useful for getting things started here.

09.09.2019 19:51

I am generally staked in CCC and that's where I do most of my curation, but I am starting to use #neoxian in most of my posts...


08.09.2019 02:00

What a wonderful thing you are doing for cats on the blockchain @catsmakekittens!

I immediately conferred with my Hoomans and managed to liberate them of enough Steem that we were able to adopt five CATS to our already very cat-friendly house! They seem to be settling in well, and we eagerly await the arrival of the first adorable KITTENS!


08.09.2019 01:56

What wonderful news! Those kittens will be on their way shortly!

08.09.2019 14:53