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Blockchain adoption and cryptocurrency usage is not penetrating global population at high rate, it is a slow process, mainly pushed by the possibility to earn from price fluctuation. On the other hand, blockchain is providing many opportunities for usage, and improvement of procedures in business, regarding decision making and security and trust within business and business data. By the industry, financial industry adoption is particularly slow, and managers in the industry do not see practical improvement of their business, that could be deployed with cryptocurrency adoption. Since the product, particularly BTC and crypto currencies are not regulated on global level, it is hard to see them globally used by users that are not technically advanced users and understand technology that is behind.

DocTailor has an easy to understand concept, to make it easy and straightforward for business owners and companies to create and deploy smart contracts, and benefit from usage of crypto currencies and crypto economy. With this in mind, they are introducing long term solution to address issues regarding widespread adoption for business, with a focus on user experience on smart contract creation.

Lawyer services could be time consuming and expensive for small business, that need typical contracts, and business needs fast response and contract that could be used with different clients. DocTailor is on a way to provide exactly what is needed to small business, since their smart contracts will be automated and adjustable to many situations. This could be a corner stone for new type unique selling point for smart contracts that could be easily deployable throughout the industry, with proper care of user experience and understanding of the platform.

With their product, DocTailor is planning to provide better access for customized smart contracts, improve smart contract development, acquisition and distribution and manage deployed smart contracts and blockchains, with monitoring service. Nevertheless, DocTailor will offer easy payment options integrated in the platform, that will be able to store both, cryptocurrency and fiat money. All this will be integrated with business infrastructure to provide real value in real world situations.

DocTailor users will be able to access clauses and other features related to payment – pay as you go feature, with cryptocurrency. Tailor made smart contracts will be provided for crypto currencies, with token on the platform. Platform will have broad user base, but as primary users are seen lawyers and legal professionals, individuals and industries, that will be able to close deals faster and cheaper.

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