MMM#3 - Requesting Lyrics!

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I need your help. That's right. YOU.

First, Watch this πŸ‘‡

This link takes you to MOSAEEK where you can VIDEO REPLY!!!

Oh! And if you wanna be my best friend forever and join MOSAEEK cause it's AMAZING... learn more HERE. It's my original MMM post... with all the explanations and links you need for a good time. 😘

TL;DW (Too Long; Didn't Watch)

Come on! It's less than 2 minutes! 😏

  • I'm attempting to write a weekly song with YOUR help.
  • I need lyrics. One line, four lines, a word... whatever.
  • I could use genres.
  • Video Reply using MOSAEEK or comment down below.
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16.09.2019 16:59

As much as hearing you attempt to rap would be epic hehehe, you can do whatever you like with this lyric I wrote ;-)

"Freedom of mind, freedom of soul. Freedom to let go and lose all control. Freedom comes and freedom goes. Freedoms I have, I just don't know."

Feel free to meld, mold and massage as needed! (or don't use at all lol) :-)

16.09.2019 18:15

Yay! Thank you!😍

And a big thank you for not requesting rap. 😏 I probably shouldn't have even put the thought in the Universe. For real. I can't rap. Bwahahahaha! Yes. I've tried to 'flow' as the kids say. And you'd think as fast as I normally speak, it'd be no trouble. Turns out... it doesn't turn out. 🀣

16.09.2019 18:45

"so I an avacado" *drum solo and duel clarinets
youre welcome :p

16.09.2019 20:05

Yep, I have the same dilemma. I made my bad steemit rap song couple years back. That was my one and only attempt at rap ;-p

16.09.2019 22:39


21.09.2019 04:00