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Hello guys, a huge hug for everyone, want is power, I always heard say this to the elders, when someone wants to do something is just a matter of proposing and looking for all ways to make it, to make that dream or idea .


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If you want to reach a dream or a goal you already have the first step achieved, the second step would be to build or devise a methodology to achieve it. The same happens with weaving, I have seen in this time that I have been weaving that many people like and tell me that they want to learn, then I invite you to practice the second step. Let's put all our desire in reaching everything we want

Step by step


Today is a wonderful day and I grabbed needle and thread and started knitting. For a long time I have wanted to do things for myself and one of those is to make a crochet knitted cell phone holder. I have seen beauties on the internet and my hands itch to make me the most beautiful of all.

To make this fabric we are going to use crochet thread of various colors and a needle 2 mm, the design we are going to draw is called tulips and the measures we are going to use are those of a cell phone Huawei Y7, which has dimex8 cm.


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On the basis of these dimensions we make 22 chains, then we make half points in each base pto, when we reach the last chain we make an increase of 3 half points in the same pto, we return in the same way and when we reach the end we make the same increase of the previous end. We make another turn with the difference that in the corners we make increases to obtain a total of 6 low points in each end. we continue doing 4 turns of low points.

We changed to the green thread to begin to elaborate what would be the leaves of the tulips, beginning with 4 chains, a high point in the same point of base of the chains. We jump two base points and in the third one we make a high point, we make a chain and another high point in the same point to make a type V increase. This way we continue for the whole turn until finishing.

In this round we are going to make the petals of the tulip, for it we raise 3 chains then we get into the V of the previous round weaving 5 high points without finishing and we grab thread and take them all out together once, we make 2 chains and we repeat the same step.

We will repeat the entire process as many times as you want or depending on the size of your phone, for this I leave the scheme or pattern to make..



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If you want to put the cover I leave you the instructions but if you like you can put only one tape and it will look beautiful too.

The first thing we are going to do is a magic ring and in the we are going to put 16 high points, we close that turn with point razo and we raise 4 chains, then we make a high point in each point of base with a chain of separation, we follow to the following turn with 3 high points without finishing, we grab thread and we take for the 3 high points of one time, thus we are doing for all the turn with two chains of separation, putting us in each point of chain of the previous turn as it is noticed in the image. In the next lap we get into the space of 2 chains of the previous lap with 5 high points, a chain and five high points again, we make a low point in the next space of the previous lap and so on until we finish. We change the thread of a color that combines and we make low points for all the turn with the difference that we make 6 chains and we thread in the same place that is where we are going to put the but.




What do you think of the result, I liked it, but that's not worth it, right? I wait for your comments, which I take advantage of thanking because they always leave me very nice greetings, which fill me with pride and encourage me to continue doing beautiful this.


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I want to encourage them to do some extra activity at home or teach their children to practice some art or craft. Unfortunately we are living in a time where nobody wants to make the slightest effort, I heard that they call it light thinking, our young people just want to have a cell phone in their hand and we parents no longer know what to do with it, years ago I heard say that a cell phone was a necessity and not a luxury, but now, that you could tell me about this that we are living, how we can combat this phenomenon without causing so much trouble at home.

*With this question I say goodbye and leave my best wishes for all of us to have a happy start to the week. Until the next smile friends. bye v>

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I used to knit and crochet a lot when I was younger - it is super cute :)

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