Presentacion en StockPhotos @Carolina21 (18/ ABRIL/ 2021)

Hello StockPhotos friends, today I want to present myself in this community, my name is Iris Ceballos, I am 28 years old, I am from Venezuela, Aragua State, I live in a small town called Villa de Cura, I am a Nurse, I am married, I have a son of 4 years, we live with my mother and my sister, they are my greatest support and strength, I thank God for being with them every day. I tell you that I really like to take photos, of the moments that I share with my family and of the places that I have visited, I also like to enjoy nature and its beautiful landscapes, I would like to be part of this community to show you photos of my authorship .


Well friends I say goodbye, I wish you all the best, thanking God for each day that he gives us, I hope to share many photos in this community. Goodnight.

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