How big is your determination?



Challenges are the order of the day, especially when it comes to moving forward in this increasingly demanding world, which is why we must increasingly strengthen our determination.

Determination is one of the key factors that gives us our own personality and that can make us stand out from the rest, but for this it is important that we know how great our determination is, we cannot be ambiguous people, i.e. people who doubt every action to undertake, I say this as long as we believe and understand the importance of being decisive to achieve our personal success.

The constant risk to undertake important and risky events in our lives give us the opportunity to value and measure our determination, how risky we are and how many achievements we get based on those daring I think are an essential part of our determination.



We do not have to feel that we are risking things if we keep in the forefront the courage and daring to go far in the goals we set for ourselves, no matter what the goals are, the important thing is that those goals are important to ourselves, when we give importance to the goals achieved is because we are placing in a very important place our capacity of determination.

It is important that we can forge a personality based on determination from a very young age, since it is very advantageous for everyone to start reaping successes from an early age.

Determination lives constantly in us, for example when we have the ability to choose between good and evil is because we have the determination to know what is good and bad for us, and even more we can deepen that determination when we sharply choose for our lives what is best for us to be successful people.


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Comments 8

Determination is the first step towards success and if you do not have Determination then that feeling of hard work will not comes in your mind. In other words we can say that Determination is the key of success.

23.03.2021 11:49

Hello @luckyali.

Certainly determination gives us self-confidence, which is a great boost to the success of our goals.

Greetings and thanks for commenting

29.03.2021 15:56

Determination is a very important factor to the kind of person we will be or can be. Nice piece

23.03.2021 18:56

Hello @valchiz.

Certainly, my friend, with determination we can establish a personality with a clear and concise direction in mind.

Greetings and thank you for your contribution.

29.03.2021 16:19

Hello @carlos84!

Determination is key to achieve our goals, for that we must be clear about what we want, have a purpose, work hard to achieve it, do it with passion and perseverance.Thank you for sharing, greetings!

24.03.2021 10:09

Hello @yusvelasquez.

A very important point you mention, in order to establish a personality with determination it is important that we establish what we want and set the path to achieve it. Greetings

29.03.2021 16:17

hello @carlos84 ,
as a Venezuelan I understand the value of determination and faith in the future, I believe that when we decide to move forward in our lives and are determined to achieve our goals we can build bridges for us to achieve our goals and also demonstrate to others that it is possible to achieve success if you have great determination.

27.03.2021 00:23

Hello @trabajosdelsiglo.

That's right my friend, when we set our goals we can accompany them with a good personal determination, greetings and thank you for your contribution.

29.03.2021 16:05