Self-Portrait Photo Contest - 18th Week

Dear Steemians,

By organizing this #contest I wanted to contribute to the further development & growth of the #Steemit community!

There were 2 entries in the 17th week but the 1st place stayed empty!!! The post with the results & explanations can be seen on the following address:



Be creative & make self-portraits not in that common way as the trendy "selfies" but in a high quality way partly describing yourself & your way of life. Every each of us has many different roles to play in life: worker, sportsman, soldier, writer, driver, lover, husband, father, wife, mother, artist, model, waitress, lawyer, dancer, actress, scientist, doctor, singer, musician, politician, manager, nurse, porn star, prostitute, gigolo, pimp... or some kind of an imaginary character - somebody who you would like to be... There is plenty of inspiration for the theme!


Nudes are also very appreciated & welcomed as well as the conceptual & art #photography.


#Photos can be full color, b&w & #monochrome tones.


How to apply for the #contest:

1. Use a #self-portrait tag as one of your tags in the post.
2. Clearly mention the #self-portrait photo contest in your post title or post body & tag me in your post - @careassaktart"
3. Ad a short story / explanation / description to the photo.
4. Your #self-portraits must be your original work as well as the text following! Stolen content will be immediately reported to @steemcleaners @guchtere @brittandjosie @jorgerml @bil.prag @lightcaptured

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Comments 19

Let me see what I can come up with this week...

Posted using Partiko Android

20.08.2019 02:50

Common girl, hit me! 😃

20.08.2019 18:59

Hmm... I think I must try this .. I try find what I have :)

20.08.2019 05:34

Yes! Go for it! I'm looking forward for the new participants! 😃

20.08.2019 19:00

Ok here is my entry for this week!! I wrote a semi longer self informative post?? I am not even too sure that was correct terminology for it lol.

Posted using Partiko Android

21.08.2019 03:30

Not accepted this time.

I believe you can make a lot more interesting & more creative shots of yourself with a focus on your legs & in the same time that your face is seen! Dear @deadgrlsuppastar, for God's sake, you are an artist after all, ain't you?!

So, show the world some true art & not this every-day summer beach generic "sausage" bullshit, please!

You can still re-enter this round or prepare yourself slowly for the next one!


22.08.2019 21:24

Here is my entry to this edition ;)


By the way, if you start using the #photography tag you will get the new PHOTO token when any PHOTO curator upvotes your posts ;)

Thanks and good luck to all participants!

22.08.2019 00:16

Unmistakably accepted!

22.08.2019 21:36

I want dreads, too

22.08.2019 14:41

Go for them! ;)

22.08.2019 14:43

I'm thinking for of this:

22.08.2019 14:46

Old song. Used to be a hit! Nice dreads too!

22.08.2019 21:12

May the best person win

22.08.2019 15:03

After some re-thinking I decided to accept your entry!

28.08.2019 07:12

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24.08.2019 22:58

In the Eye of the Cat

Yes, if you look closer I'm there holding camera.. in the Eye of the Cat! Some old attempts to shoot some macro and obviously got own reflection :)

And in black and white looks much more better



Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!


25.08.2019 14:19


28.08.2019 07:10