Nine Eleven

There are so many alternate theories surrounding what really happened 9/11/2001 that it's rumored to have destroyed friendships, ruined marriages, been the demise of more than one business, and is a common answer to the question, 'how did your monitor come to be smashed this severely?' This 2017 article from presents the beginning of one that's never before been brought to my attention, until today.
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More on self-flying airplanes:

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It's not all that uncommon for our government to withhold technology information from public knowledge, so it very well could be that we've had autonomous flight for decades. Could this just be truth in plane sight?

This Washington Times article does little to disregard the possibility that it's not all that unrealistic to add this theory to the already monumental pile of conspiracy theories about the true happenings of America's 'holocaust'.

It's an interesting theory.

Every year we get inundated with propaganda about this historical, and tragic day in American history. I believe it was a turning point in the consciousness of every American in multiple ways. People lost loved ones, legislation was passed without proper attention to those who lost freedoms in exchange for a feeling of increased safety. Our minds were changed based upon information provided to us by a government and media with a narrative that empowered the already powerful and brought riches to the already wealthy few.

While we all suffer the repercussions of 9/11 (via govt. boot on throat, mainly) we should also recognize that it's responsible for a great awakening to people who pay attention. It created messengers of truth. The tricky part is navigating potholes of division in this community of messengers, to not dive so deeply into the minutia of 'planes or no planes' 'burn temp of steel' 'crinkles in building demolition' etc...what matters is that we were lied to, and they took full advantage of the fear they created in us.

Keep sharing facts...eventually people see.

Some important, and worthy items on which to spend your time in researching 9/11/2001

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This image, while simple, can be a great ice-breaker for those who still buy the original narrative

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