Lets Smoke 💚


Incase you were wondering what I was upto for the last few years of absence from #steemit...


I have been learning to bake..

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That looks amazing! One thing though, everyone moved over to Weedcash. The people who post here just do it for the rewards now, at least thats my thoughts.

11.05.2021 00:35

ohh that's where all my friends are !! shall join you guys there..thanks for the heads-up..

12.05.2021 06:56

Just so you know its the same exact account and keys you have here

12.05.2021 23:50

oops, i went & got a new account there, but now i've got my old account activated there, shall continue with the old one itself...

wanted to thank you @canna-curate soo very much for directing me to that platform, m loving it already..

13.05.2021 21:20