Our Application For The Community Curators Project

A legal cannabis garden from one of our dear friend, @cowboyblazerfan

Hello from Canna-Curate. 2 years ago a group of us got together and realized there was so much great cannabis content on Steem going unnoticed. With inspiration from curation groups like @tribesteemup, @dynamicsteemians, we thought it would be a great idea to do the same. All of us where minnows with a few hundred Steem . In order to gain support we sought delegations and offered votes in return.This model turned out to be great as it has helped us to be able to manually curate some great content. We have manged to gain 30,000sp in delegation since the start, and at one time we where voting over 400 unique others over a course of a week.


Can I get a witness!

Since Hardfork 23 our delegation is at an all time low and we are losing content creators. We still have a group of members who plan on staying with Steem. We seek to be part of the plan to rebuild, which is why @jonyoudyer has opened a witness node running 22.5 with the @canna-witness account. Starting April 13th we will be hosting the brand new Steem witness forum. Check out the post here

The times are changing

Since we have being doing this for the last 2 years we feel we would be perfect curators for your 100 day's of Steem project ! There are over 30 countries that have legalized recreational cannabis or for medical reasons changing their views and laws regarding cannabis. Canna-Curate's mission is to have all of these people come to Steem! Whether they are just blogging about their legal grow or doing a review on their legal medicine, we want them to put it on Steem! One of the bigger goals of Canna-Curate, is to bring cannabis businesses to Steem.

Legal cannabis edibles

Going legit!

As more companies look to be involved, legal cannabis is quickly becoming a multi billion dollar market. If Steem where to capture just 1% of this it would be possible to draw in a large amount of investment. Also please note that we are not talking about selling cannabis directly. There are many businesses we can recruit to use Steem, such as fertilizer companies, smoking accessories, and more! With the ability to actually curate with a decent stake, we would gain more traction, & would be taken more serious. Trying to gain the attention of a growing industry is a shot worth taking .

Help us win back the hearts and minds!

Setting aside the dream of bringing in major players in the cannabis industry, we feel the ability to effectively curate is at it's most crucial time. We are losing members, and we need to win them back. Not only that, we need to build a new community! We have a discord with over 500 people, and all have Steem accounts. Just imaging tagging @everyone, telling them we will be curating with 250kSp?

A legal cannabis grow, Santa's Kandy(Steem Og x Kandy Kush), by @jonyoudyer


Please look at our voting habits on Steem World. 1.19 % self, 250 up votes, 79 accounts, last 7d. Everything we have done is here on the block chain. We are extremely proud of our reputation. It is worth more then gold. Whenever anybody comes to us for help, if it is possible, we do! Entrusting us with the key's to a curation account, is something you will not regret. I do hope to eventually gain your trust, for a long term delegation for our group. We are ready to go hard for Steem & with this large stake we will seek to bring in more cannabis content creators and businesses from the major social media sites

The type of content we curate, but not limited to, is cannabis, music, and art. Below you will see a few examples of the posts we consider to be unique, and of great quality.



Michigan Cannabis Advocates Give Out Free Bags Of Weed To Veterans And Those On Social Security

In various places the government has decided that cannabis services are to be considered essential services. And for one area in Michigan, known as Montcalm County, there are some cannabis advocates there who recently decided to help out during the recent crisis by giving away free bags of weed.Read on



Using alcohol foliar spray as a natural pesticide/insecticide/miticide

Did you know that alcohol can be used in the garden against pests as a foliar spray? You can't use it on flowering plants since it can dissolve THC and make the flowers less potent (depending on the strength of your solution). But it works great up until first weeks of flower.Read on



BLACK GARLIC 80/20 Indica dominant Evening Tokes with RAW Classic Black Papers - Solid Relaxation

I had some evening tokes with Black Garlic buds and RAW Classic Black unrefined papers. Solid mind and body relaxation - laid back and cushioned body buzz euphoria. Sweet garlic and light woody citrus pine spice flavor.Read on


@carolinahempco(A business that promotes their product on Steem!)

Full-Spectrum CBD Honey 3-Packs!

Our favorite full-spectrum CBD honey from The Brother's Apothecary is now offered in 3-packs! Organic wildflower honey meets Oregon-grown Hemp CBD in an easy to love, 100% biodegradable package. Small-batch, lab tested & made with intention!Read on



Cannabis is universal, and has no barriers. Cannabis brings people together of all races, and creeds. If there was just one thing that would unite the world, cannabis would be it!



I truly believe, deep down in my heart, cannabis will do the same for Steem. If we to seek a common ground between each other, I would bet it would be cannabis. Which is why we will use the healing power of this herb, to bring back Steem to what it once was, but to a higher level. We have your back, please have our backs too. Much respect, and stay positive my people. Steem is not dead, in fact it is very much alive!


Join us in our discord server for Live podcasts.

Our List of Shows
Sunday: Roach Sunday with @queenofsmoke 2PM PST
Tuesday: 2Fer with @queenofsmoke 2PM PST
Wednesday: CHRONIC & CRYPTO with @frankwhite 4PM AZT
Thursday: The Weekly Rollup with @mraggaj at 6pm PST, then The Jon and Blunt Show at 7pmPST
Friday: Fried Radio with the founder of @hashkings, @qwoyn

In between shows bless your ears with RADIO Eclectic, Earfood curated by our man @Mondoshawan

Delegators: @abrockman, @amymya, @ArtisticScreech, @batman0916, @bethvalverde, @billmega, @blind-spot, @Bluntsmasha, @chey, @choosefreedom, @cindyhartz, @cyemela , @darkprince66, @dashroom, @davedickeyyall, @deanpiecka, @derekrichardson, @dylanhobalart, @dynamicgreentk, @d-vine, @ELAmental, @ericwilson, @fatkat, @feri1 @foodforestbot, @futuremind, @g1ntoken, @hafizullah, @hotsauceislethal, @igel2017, @jgvinstl, @jonyoudyer, @justinparke, @kid4life, @kimmysomelove42, @k0wsk1, @krazypoet, @loonatic, @luegenbaron, @madbiker, @mandyfroelich, @mondoshawan, @movingman, @mraggaj, @vintherinvest, @myklovenotwar, @olafurthor, @pataty69, @paradigmprospect, @phusionphil, @prettynicevideo, @rakkasan84, @rawpride, @runridefly, @senattor, @skylinebuds, @soluce07, @steemleaves, @talhatariq, @tauras, @thelogicaldude, @yogajill, @vibesforlife, @VIPservice, @wxzurd

Trail Makers:@jonyoudyer, @Bluntsmasha, @conradino23, @ELAmental, @netgodbeerus, @cannabiscurator, @realkiki85, @doctorspence, @darkprince66, @cannaqueen, @hiatus, @tilestar, @naturalfox, @canna-collective, @deary, @foodforestbot, @nikema, @Tafgongthe1st, @loryluvszombies, @spicedlife, @gjones15, @mrunderstood, @benzeta, @stoned2thebone, @cannafarms, @thegreenhouse, @cultivar, @brockmorris, @ganjagirl, @MadPotters, @chey, @growingassets, @the-haze, @skylinebuds, @gingy710, @growroom, @kootsmedtree, @cowboyblazerfan, @suheri, @imammudarifqi, @grow-pro, @winnerchris, @twirlspin, @pdxlove, @cannabis-news, @cannuration, @steem420, @socialmisfit, @ambiguity, @phoenixwren, @batman0916, @greenfooteCO, @ceattlestretch, @njweedman, @superwoman916, @movement19, @bengiles, @growroom, @elderson, @hemp-lord, @deadisdead, @coffeebuds, @gregorypatrick, @asonintrigue, @freedomtribe, @bembelmaniac, @mango-juice, @oh-high-mark, @stonerfeed, @kaz2305, @veteranforcrypto, @rebeccaryan, @bigriffsbongrips, @spicedlife, @kiefpreston.com, @dilwhosaskin, @argenisapaz, @sapphic, @paradigmprospect, @vegangod, @qwoyn, @borofreak, @sunnydays-r-over, @kawa23, @caperf35, @yogajill, @dynamicsteemians, @khackett, @zuculuz, @cannajess, @theywenttojareds, @moniroy, @mjgeeks, @cannabisrawuncut, @cannacannacanna, @koh, @ghro, @kennyboobs, @forstellaford, @eatmeat, @ssdgm, @too-short, @turd-ferguson, @npcvegantifa, @sharkmonsters, @uptoker, @theduskinus, @highdoulikememes, @buysmoke, @em3di, @vaporrhino, @prettynicevideo, @props4crops, @mary-jane, @badasshomelife, @highroadseeds, @cody758, @fixedbydoc, @pennsif, @twistedcheshire, @tyler-ai, @annitakoxx, @midgeteg, @moneymind420, @appalachain, @stickyfingerz, @guysofcannabis, @cheaphomegrow, @thehempinghand, @heatherhemp, @chey, @seeker214, @goodcontentbot2, @justinashby, @holysmoke777, @hippyman, @ogmike, @tribe-alive, @peace-love-happy, @GanjaGrrl420, @bjseedcompany, @smoke-grow-cup, @thehempcoin, @steinz, @dejan.vucovic, @trevado, @melanson, @anarchy999, @cryptohustlin, @steemvpn, @natha93, @mondoshawan, @artaxx, @exterminio08, @ghosthunter1, @tribevibes, @dracusone, @greencross, @jeffjagoe, @deardabby420, @weedcleaner, @stever82, @weedcash, @cindyhartz, @robinsonr810, @drazeus, @meanbees, @relaylogix, @fknmayhem, @greencross, @pibyk, @greenhouseradio, @bluemaskman, @gamemods, @freedomring, @onelovesteem, @evernoticethat, @d00k13, @dr-autoflower, @mattsanthonyit, @vipservice, @x782, @smf37, @motherofalegend, @reekadank, @skylinebuds, @budwizard, @galsofcannabis, @picyoudyer, @ganja.network, @breaking-nugs, @truthabides, @highproduction, @pneumaluna82, @davidamsterdam, @vault.tokens, @highproduction, @reverendrum, @briggsy, @saboin, @kommanderinkief, @undergroundmod, @techken, @cryptozdk, @battleaxe, @weedcash.rewards


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Comments 28

Great post man, you deserve this! Looking forward to a great future on Steem!

13.04.2020 19:34

Back at you! Hopefully we will gain more members, and they can play your kick ass game!

13.04.2020 21:50

Wow, man this is such an excellent post! Great News, absolutely gorgeous pics and infos... Groove On Bro!

13.04.2020 19:38

Thank you Dude! We always pride ourselves on the gardens and pics of our members, and are thrilled to showcase to the community.

13.04.2020 21:50

Fantastic presentation sir. Of course CANNA CURATE is a perfect fit to help curate and spread steem and community. Happy to be a member.

13.04.2020 20:14

Happy to have formed such a fantastic relationship with you. I am very positive for our future working together, whether we get this opportunity or not, we will prosper! RESPECT

13.04.2020 21:49


13.04.2020 22:44

Where do i buy

18.04.2020 16:43

Theres not a better example of a grass roots community. For the people by the people!

13.04.2020 20:20

Who would of thought that when we first met that we would still be here thriving 2 years later. It has been some downs, but mostly ups. I would not change anything. Thanks Blunt!

13.04.2020 21:52

True, man!
There were hard times :) and we got tough :P

14.04.2020 09:16

yes thanks

18.04.2020 16:43

Shame on anyone involved in the "legalized" cannabis regime! They are traitors to the culture, and to free markets and free people.





founded on lies.jpg

legalization was an inside job.jpg

prohibition legalization pendulum.png


See my documentary Legalization is a Lie (2019) for more information.

As for any cannabis content-creators and groups on Steem.... how does the Chinese government feel about cannabis users, producers, and sellers? I hear this chain was just purchased by a very well connected Chinese businessman. I hope you guys have considered this when making your long-term plans. All the best.

13.04.2020 22:45

Of course we did, and we are still very optimistic on the future of cannabis on Steem. Also we fell there is a lot of greedy people who took advantage of legalization, but not everyone is are bad actors, and lot's of good people have benefited from it. Nothing is perfect, but with people like you, and the others fighting the unjust laws, we will all have our day! Danks again for all you do, Drutter. If only our vote was worth more, so you could have what your worth. It is cannabis content creators like yourself who will ensure the success of our cannabis tag here on Steem. RESPECT

14.04.2020 00:21


14.04.2020 00:24


18.04.2020 16:43

Stake was purchased but not the chain by an American business man with Chinese background and connections. The future is very open and ready to be built. Luckily we're decentralized with community on multiple platforms so if one fails we're ready to push efforts else where.
Hope all is well Drutter. Really excited about lower numbers in our western provinces lately. Looks like we maybe back to semi normal in a couple weeks. *fingers crossed.

14.04.2020 13:34

This is a great thing. I think canna curate is well-deserving of this and has been a leader in the cannabis community and helping a lot of others along the way.

14.04.2020 00:26

Thanks man! We will turn Steem green! But not alone. We won't be able to do it without the community.

14.04.2020 00:39

behind you 125%

Posted via weedcash.network
14.04.2020 02:21

Thanks Dr! That’s the prescription we need! Lol

14.04.2020 04:36

Congrats on the node @jonyoudyer
& thanks to all of you for bringing us together TO GET HER :) the virgin amazing plant...

14.04.2020 09:14

Thanks man. Also thanks for the bad ass banner! That thing is magical, and one reason why where staying. It would not work good on Hive, ;) jk

15.04.2020 16:26

I can edit the necessary words do be Hive~able! ;) Just say yes!
And I need to say was amazed to see people wearing the hoodie with the logo I've made... Honored & happy! :)

16.04.2020 05:52

2 legit 2 quit. How to get on the curation trail? @steemauto still working?

15.04.2020 04:43

Yeah it seems it is, sometimes lol. But I have been doing a lot of manual curation lately. Your on Steem auto, but use the canna-curate tag for me to find your post easier, so I can check it out:)

15.04.2020 05:10

Thank you for your application to become a Community Curator.

Look out for more news coming soon.

The Steemit Team

16.04.2020 17:37

Thank you!

16.04.2020 17:51