Campusconnectng Took the Top spot on SPUD May Edition. We so happy..


We are so happy and delighted to make this acceptance post. @Campusconnect was able to grab the top spot in the just concluded #SPUD which took place on the 1st of May 2021. We look forward to the June edition of this contest.

We hereby make this acceptance post and use this opportunity to thank @kiwiscanfly for organizing this contest and a big thank you to the sponsors of this contest.


Written by @whitestallion For @campusconnectng
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Great work on Building your Steem Power and of course winning 1st place :)

Put the extra steem power to good use

I will do a post shortly asking sponsors to start the delegation of prizes

04.05.2021 04:54

I just did my 1000SP delegation to you - other sponsors will be in touch

Make the most of having extra SP

04.05.2021 06:25

Felicidades por su gran trabajo.
Saludos desde Venezuela

04.05.2021 07:24

congratulations! I just delegated my 500SP contribution to your prize. Keep powering up

04.05.2021 15:33

Thanks so much, @randulakoralage for your generous contribution.

04.05.2021 16:05


04.05.2021 21:13

A big congratulations to @campusconnectng special appreciation to @whitestallion for the work been put in to achieve the best in the last contest your setting the pace for newbies like me special gratification also to @kiwiscanfly for organising such an awesome and profitable contest also not forgetting the major sponsors@xpilar @steem.history @hingsten @bippe @kiwi-crypto @steemsupporter @steemchiller @randulakoralage @adeljose@mariana4ve @kisiscanfly

05.05.2021 13:11

Wow. Amazing. Congratulations sir

05.05.2021 23:36

Big congratulations.
This is just the beginning

07.05.2021 14:21

Thanks so much, we are happy to make the top spot

07.05.2021 14:51