Campus Games- Season 1/week 1- Fiction Writing


Hello friends and welcome to campus games Season 1/Week 1. Today is the official kickoff day and we are happy to see as many teams as possible register and join this championship.

Campus games will feature only 4 games which will last for 4 weeks, each week, a game will be played and winners will be voted by non-participants of the games.

The 4 games will be played in this order Fiction Writing >>Art- Portrait Drawing>>MediaWorks- Graphics Designs>>Music- Cover Creation.

Following the above order, we will kick off the games with fiction writing.....

Fiction Writing-The Oasis and the unexpected

Photo by Viajante Dibujero from Pexels

  • Write a story about an expedition or adventure to the oasis with your team members, you wish to enjoy yourselves but the unexpected happens.
  • Participants are required to make an original work, plagiarism will not be tolerated and will lead to loss of points and if repeated disqualification of the group.
  • Only five members per team.
  • The team's works should be submitted way before the deadline.
  • Story should be not less than 300 words.
  • Participants should include #campusfiction and #campusgames as one of their first 5 tags.
  • Participants should submit their entry as a link to the announcement post for the game( Writing Competition- Fiction writing).
  • Be creative, the more interesting your story is the more likely your entry will be voted as the best.
  • Team members should be subscribed to campus connect and follow @campusconnectng.
  • Post title should observe the following sample. Campus Games- Season 1/Week 1- Story Title- Team Name. It's also important that team members are mentioned in the post(Team list).
  • Follow the rules.

Its important each team adheres strictly to the rules as any default could lead to loss of crucial votes.

Deadline >>.....>> 14th June 2021
Polling Session>>...>> 15th and 16th June 2021

Let The Games Begin


More information

For more information about Team registration and the rules of this championship, you can go through the posts below.

Campus Games Championship- Prize Pool- 200 Steem

Announcing Campus Games- The first championship game on steemit....

Campus Games Update - Confirmed Games, Team Registration and Announcement of new sponsors


Announcement of new sponsors

We have wonderful news to make, we are so happy to announce our brand new sponsor of #campusgames. Our latest sponsor of this project is



We happy and honored to have you as one of our sponsors @stephenkendal


**We are open to more sponsors for this project. We will appreciate every assistance and support we receive on this project


Sincere Thanks to all our sponsors and Supporters of this contest


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09.06.2021 14:31

Thank you for the recognition.

11.06.2021 05:40

Good contest! I am very happy to see such an interesting contest. But, is there still a vacancy for registration to become a contest participant?

New spirit

09.06.2021 18:37

No Sir, the registration closed last week. Maybe next season.

11.06.2021 05:40

Yes, its okay. Thank you.. πŸ™‚

11.06.2021 17:37

Team Fabulous' Entry

11.06.2021 06:17

Team Fabulous
Congratulations, your entry has been submitted.

11.06.2021 18:28

Team titan Emtry

12.06.2021 18:03

Team Titan
Congratulations, your entry has been submitted.

13.06.2021 09:45

Team Scholars Entry

13.06.2021 01:29

Team Scholars
Congratulations, your entry has been submitted.

13.06.2021 14:04

Team Big-Win 'Entry

13.06.2021 13:43

Team Success Entry

13.06.2021 17:31

Team success
Congratulations, your entry has been submitted.

13.06.2021 19:57

I have read all the entries so far @campusconnectng
Your contest is a really interesting one I must commend you on that but I have made some little observations and I feel it should be looked into

I would like you to kindly review that of team success
I feel it’s an indirect replica of that of team scholars.
Pardon me to say, their ideas and even the story line are all the same as that of team scholars.

It’s more or less like they copied them and did slight changes.

I stand to be corrected though. This is my little observation.

I wish all the teams well in their other contests. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜ŠπŸ₯°πŸ˜˜

14.06.2021 00:13

Hello @dentil, we are happy you appreciate our contest and we will love to see you in the next season.

Concerning Team Success story, we believe it's original and the storyline is quite different from that of Team Scholars.

#campusgames Team

14.06.2021 05:49

Thank you very much for replying .
I hope to participate in your next contest.

Alright, maybe because I read both right after each other that’s why I was seeing a repetition. I apologize for any inconvenience though.

I wish all the teams well. I can’t wait to see their next entries😁😊πŸ₯°

14.06.2021 07:10

We believe incoming entries and subsequent games will make #campusgames more fun and interesting, maybe you can ready your team and join #campusgamesseason2.


14.06.2021 07:13

Team Sparta
Congratulations, your entry has been submitted.

14.06.2021 15:08

[Team ladiator

14.06.2021 03:47

Hello @arinzegod and Team gladiator, you team is only required to submit a single entry to this week's contest.

@rose-o had already submitted an entry, Team will have to choose between the two entries and submit one.

#campusconnect Team

14.06.2021 15:08

Entry Deadline in 7hours and 34 minutes.

At the end of the countdown, entries will no longer be accepted,polls will take off immediately.

Team Scintillate Team Mediators Team Great Minds Team DreamsVzla
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@uyobong @Chezandras @mobibliss @magdiel07
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@obrisgold @steemtopus @goodspeed22 @maitt87
14.06.2021 15:27