Better life 💪 the diary game by @calebgeoffrey..... 27|05|2021

Better life 💪 the diary game by @calebgeoffrey

Hello fellas 😊 haii it's Sir Kay @calebgeoffrey my diary today..


it was a lit day, well enjoyed and a lirru stress free.. so I woke late cos I don't have much work to do.. and I quickly made my researches online for my blog 😁 guess what I found 🤭 my country 😂 I love my country no doubt... but some fellas can't stop being funny 😂😂 imagine living a fake life and getting ur cover blown online 😂 she took pics of herself claiming to be traveling in the business class cabin of the plane but unfortunately was exposed by co passengers, she was caught going back to the economic class 😂😂 after the short.. keep it real!!!



After dealing with the blogs I did a couple of family gist took my bath took break fast and relaxed a bit and got ready and headed for my boss's café I did a couple of designs








Then headed home got some changes and off to chill with friends 😁 it was fun..


Life without friends doesn't make sense I bet u, it wasn't all that bad we had a lot of arguments and gesticulated all through until it was night... making sure fun is always a part of y day is my hobby 😉..


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