The Second Elf Character

Trying to draw an elf this time it will be a male counterpart of my previous elf drawing. What was a random female elf doodle then, would now become not so random anymore because of it I was able to create another elf character.

I used the same features and color pallet to give them a unified look. I stick with the red top and green pants with matching hats. The hair color remained pale blue. I just realised now that these elves did not have pointy ears.

Here I show stages of completion of the drawing :

Line drawing. I uploaded a screenshot of my drawing and if you are wondering, the app is Sony Sketch I downloaded from Google Play store.

Base color. I want this new drawing to be similar with the previous female elf doodle I posted last week. I am more convinced now that I should have made the ears pointy because looking at it this doesn't say much about elf.

Maybe I can edit their ears next time but for now let me show you the previous elf drawing
Hope you enjoyed reading

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18.09.2019 03:43

Thanks for sharing your elf art. I like the colour choices as well.

21.09.2019 02:22

Thank you Lord Nigel 🙋

21.09.2019 06:51