SAND Token Moons Today! Get on board for this one


Finally! Some exciting and positive news about some STEEM money. The SAND token is up almost 200% today! (and more if you understand EOS.) I am so thrilled to be a part of this news, even if in a small way.

Do you know @ackza? He is the brains behind the SAND steemengine token, and he is a man of many ideas and a lot of action too. Since I have a San Diego connection, I have been watching his progress and joining in as I can.

Recently, any post I make with the SanDiego tag gets attention now, and I am so grateful for that. I have been getting wallet transfers and all other kinds of gifts, and watching the excitement build.

This week, @ackza was successful in getting the SAND token listed on Newdex, which is:

A decentralized exchange that uses many Dapp wallets including scatter, lynx, myeoswallet meetone SQRL. (and hopefully soon we can get steem on Scatter if my SPS proposal passes)

Umm.... Well, I hope all you steemleo people know what this means. Here is the announcement post for all you smart guys:

You can now trade SAND for EOS on

What it means is:

The SAND token started mooning!!!

Yes, I said it. To. The. Moon.

Go look for yourself on steemengine.

After the listing, @vimukthi did a steemhunt post for SAND. It is a positve review:

And since then, @ackza has done all kinds of posts of joyful excitement:

SAND is now #2 on Steem Engine

Everyone is welcome to earn SAND posting about San Diego California.

Oh Yeah! I'm in. My external drives are being dusted off right now.

Here's a gift @ackza sent

I just sent metzli and fitinfun 3 INV steem ninja invite tokens each so they can invite 3 people with instant free steem accounts. Use for 30 SP 7 day delegation after creating them

Oh boy. I need to learn a new crypto thing again.

And then there is this:

Reinvesting 250 STEEMP from SAND sales

You can live anywhere on Earth (or even Mars?) and make posts on ABOUT this city and earn SAND. Southern California residents are also welcome and I am talking about creating the Los Angeles Angel token for EOS and Steem-Engine tribe with some los Angeles based steemians.

San Diego STEEM posts needed!

I'm on it!

The official SAND STEEM blog is here:

SAND on EOS is actually 6 cents, much higher than steem-engine

Arbitrage Oportunity kids!!!

This project also has a telegram and discord. I will get into those as soon as I find the links in all these posts.

I am tagging people I know (or think) have a SoCal connection in case they want in. Might as well get some SAND for your posts if you can :)

@tytran <<< Also a San Diego Curator

What I do on STEEM

  • First off, I am LEARNING about tokens right now and have a project going on it on this @bxlphabet blog. Apparently, I need to learn faster now.

My normal posting is:


  • freewrite daily with @mariannewest
  • Minnow Tips
  • Photography
  • Travel


  • Food and ccc contest posts
  • Tasteem restaurant reviews
  • @pifc contest entries


  • dApp, tokens/tribes and gaming review posts
  • dpoll- STEEM and lifestyle questions

And all of my blogs post about San Diego now!

(a lot, lol)

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Upvoted resteemed, i wish i could buy you an upvote for this! ;) I may buy some delegation just to upvote posts using #sandiego

I saw this while testing and I will make sure this gets some SAND upvotes!

12.10.2019 01:29

Aw! Thank you, @tytran. I am so happy with this wonderful project and all of your awesome support.

12.10.2019 04:05

SOOO awesome thank you so much! I saw this on @steempeaka nd I will be purchasing the 1000 ENG SCOT PEAk for SAND just to get these steempeak features of having my coins upvotes show up on here!


12.10.2019 01:34

Great idea! That makes a difference to people for sure :)

12.10.2019 04:04

So freakin awesome to see this thank you So much! heres 100+ SAND upvote and a resteem!
And 3 steem!
And 3 steem!

12.10.2019 02:55

Thank you so much, @ackza and @sandiegocoin! You have really made my day today. Here's to more success to come :)

12.10.2019 04:03

Thank you for telling me. Pretty much most of my non freewrite posts are about San Diego LOL

12.10.2019 04:42

I know! You should be the big winner in SAND, @mariannewest. I am going to publicize this more. Keep an eye out for any SD steem peeps and let them know too. I do not think anyone else has external listings for these tokens yet, so we might be in the money as a trail breaker :)Posted with

13.10.2019 18:57

That would be nice!!!

Posted using Partiko iOS

14.10.2019 00:33

I am going to be calling a lot of people up to ask for investment in SAND on newdex. I feel i can find a lot of people who have been waiting for me to have a token.

Further development of and SAND on murmur and the sand TIPIT tip bot on and tiping over twitter will allow us to have a LOT of work for a large community whenever steem does wake up, a sleeping giant, with free accounts given to millions. Thats one thing steem needs to fix and then we can grow. But @steemit cant be afraid of a few million accounts being gamed, we need to just see steemit inc give up 10 million steem for 3 million accounts or so, and then simply invest in some nice verification by text and social media. We can also scale with liquidapps

Also by having EOS accounts for all my SAND users via MyEOSWALLET mobile app and MurMur (download either to get your free eos account) I hope to get my users on track to use VOICE and I hope to get voice integration with the EOS side of SAND .

23.10.2019 03:52

I still have so much to learn. Need to check out those apps...

23.10.2019 04:48

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