My SPUD 8 Power Up!


STEEM Power Up Day is celebrated each first of the month on STEEM and today is SPUD 8!

Today many committed STEEMers power up some STEEM to SP. This action shows their love and belief in our platform and helps even the smallest redfish to invest in their blogs.

I am very happy to participate this month and and grow my presence here. I am not a big fish and I do not have a big power up, but slow and steady wins the race so I am in!

This eighth SPUD challenge and contest is initiated by @streetstyle and I am so grateful for it. I am a believer in STEEM and this monthly commitment helps me keep my focus.

Here is my power up proof:

My SP Before Power Up was 336:


My SP After a 40 STEEM Power Up is 376:


Last month I powered up 34 STEEM, and I wanted to beat that number this month. I have increased each month so far, so my goal for Jan 1 will be to power up more than 40 STEEM.

I left a bit of free STEEM in my wallet and this is what happened to that:

Like in past months, I sponsored @streetstyle for one unit of SBI. And again like last month, I added some money to my STEEM Savings to get a start on SPUD 9. It is only 1 STEEM, but it is a start.


Like the last few months, I will add a bit of STEEM to savings each time I claim rewards in December. If I did not keep the STEEM in savings, I would have nothing to power up each first of the month. This method is working for me.

My Goal for SPUD 9

I hope to grow my power up by doing better blogging on STEEM. I plan to post more often and try to get better post rewards. This month I was at STEEMFest in Bangkok and that really threw me off my game. I had less posts, but got better upvotes, so that helped.

I also sold off some tokens in STEEM-engine and brought the proceeds of that out here to power up. I will do that again at the end of December. Every little bit helps!

Thank you to the SPUD 8 sponsors who make this event possible:


See you next month!

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01.12.2019 00:59

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01.12.2019 01:16

Wicked excellent, @bxlphabet! Happy #SPUD!

@tipu curate

01.12.2019 05:51
01.12.2019 05:52

Thank you for using the #dec2019spud tag and thanks for the #spud!

01.12.2019 09:52

yes, cool #SPUD post and therefore a little sip of !BEER from me.

01.12.2019 13:18

View or trade BEER.

Hey @bxlphabet, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Join Steem Power Up Day at the 1. of December and power up BEER

01.12.2019 13:18

Thank you for participating and supporting the #spud movement @bxlphabet I truly appreciate as I am sure the community does as well. This #spud8 is going to be even stronger and better.
Also, thank you for the SBI, I see that. 100% Take care.

01.12.2019 17:04

Glad to know many steemian get love from SPUD.
Doing SPUD is a sign the we care and love Steem

01.12.2019 17:15

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