My Slow Week on NextColony Update


Welcome to my 6th weekly update for playing @NextColony as a free2play game.
In last week's update post I mentined I was only going to focus on a few things to upgrade this week:

  • Copper and Uranium Mines
    To grow the speed of resource growth
  • Copper and Uranium Production Increase
    So both will grow faster still.
  • Coal and Ore Depots
    So they will not overflow while waiting on Copper and Uranium.

So out of those small tasks, how did I do?

Progress with buildings


next colony bxl 6 copper uranium mine needs.PNG

Copper Mine is 16 this week and Was 15 last week

Uranium mine 15 this week and Was 14 last week

So this is one level each in a week!

Both need skills upgrades to increase further.


For the depots, I only got one of the two to increase one level.

next colony bxl 6 coal ore depot needs.PNG

Coal Depot is 15 now and was 15 last week

Ore Depot is 15 now and was 14 last week

Both need skills upgrades to increase further.

Progress with skills

Out of the four skills I need, I am currently upgrading Uranium Mine skill only. I do not have resources for the others now.

Last week I could do nothing here at all, so progress?

next colony bxl 6 skills needed progress.PNG

Progress with Production Increases

I'm spending 5 days each time to move one level. I go here first each time I log in to see what I can do and watch thedays count down.

Upgrading Copper Production Increase
Was Level 2 - now level 3

Upgrading Uranium Production Increase
Was Level 2 - now level 3

next colony bxl 6 research skills progress.PNG

My Meta Skill level

Was 200 last week and 205 this week.

next colony bxl 6 Meta skills level.PNG

I came across this post by @revisesociology that kind of got me discouraged, if I was not already.

He has ten times the resources I have and has found nine planets! How long will it take me to to that? Months or years at this rate.

Is he spending a lot of money for this, or is there anotherr trick? If it is money, how much gets you that far? Not trying to put you on the spot, @revisesociology . I am trying to figure out why I am so far behind everyone when I play daily.

I am sarting to see why people leave.

I will keep playing @nextcolony though and maybe will figure a way to go faster by looking at more posts.

Next week I will go back to my post from 6 weeks ago to see how far I have come in that time.

See you then, and thank you for reading mmy post!

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I spent about 1000 steem to get a head start - and it almost went balls up!

So A LOT of money!

Posted using Partiko Android

06.07.2019 13:36

ACK!!!! I can't believe it! I'm dead in the water then.

You officially shocked me!

06.07.2019 13:45

Yes sorry about being honest.

Then again the game is something of a lottery so you never know!

06.07.2019 20:30

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06.07.2019 14:04