Celebrating Quirky Holidays on STEEM


I've been doing lyrics challenges for months now. It started with a challenge by @steemitcentral that was asking for your song of the day. You were supposed to quote the lyrics and give some information on why the song meant something to you.

I really liked doing these challenges and after the original two month challenge @steemitcentral ended I kept doing posts on my own.

For this purpose I counted up the years and then counted back down. Each time I went to the top songs of each year on the Billboard charts and decided on one to feature. Generally, I have looked for songs that have stayed popular in our culture.

I got back into the 1940's, but after that the charts are not easy to find. So I think this daily post has run its course and I need to find another idea to work with.

My New Daily Post Idea

The idea I have is to highlight holidays for each day of the year. There are two sites that have lists of these holidays with information about each one. Some holidays are those we all know but most are quirky and not in common usage.

I think I can come up with interesting posts for this idea. I will try to have these features in each post:

  • how the holiday came about
  • reasons to celebrate
  • how to celebrate
  • find a video for the post
  • make a poster for the post

I plan to tweet each post as I do it. So I will be saying something like:

"Come celebrate Left-Hander's Day on STEEM!"

I will give it a month to see how I do - starting tomorrow. August 18 is "Bad Poetry Day" "Mail Order Catalog Day" and "World Daffodil Day." I will only feature one holiday for each day, and I am pretty sure which one will be first!

Please stay tuned to see how I do with my new project. I hope it goes well and I am excited to give it a try.

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