Weekly Top Creators and Tops Posts on BUZZi (September 1st - September 8th)

Hello Steem community! 

We are happy to announce the first weeks winners for BUZZi’s Top Creators and Top Posts! Congratulations on the achievement!

We will reward the Top Creators and Top Posts every week for the month of September so remember to continue to create posts for a chance to earn one of the top spots 🏆.

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Top 3 Creators

  1. @hykwff678233
    Reward: 5 Steem
  2. @dolphinscinscute
    Reward: 3 Steem @frhn (tie)
    Reward: 1 Steem
  3. @ (tie)Reward: 1 Steem
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    Top 3 Posts

    1. Mini toy ATM machine (Money Box) (@zohaib336)
      It's a mini ATM machine can be use as a money box. Children can lock and unlock with keypad to save their money. A useful product help to increase kid's mind skills.

      Reward: 5 Steem

    2. Have fun with us my baby!!! (@kouba01)
      Very good purchase essential for the pool, Baby has spent your good time, easy to inflate and sure. Baby is well maintained and risk nothing and sun protection is super helpful!


      Reward: 3 Steem

    3. My son’s dream was realized (@kouba01)
      Projector watch that pleases much to my little boy of 4 years. Only downside ... It is HUGE on his arm =) (the creators have seen very big for this watch child) but he still has fun with it.

    4. Reward: 1 Steem
    all the winners again! We look forward to seeing more posts from our BUZZi community!


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Congratulations to the winners.

09.09.2019 05:01

I appreciate the curation and all, but as no one has explained the many downvotes I better do it. It is because the reward is inflated with bidbots.

Read more here:

09.09.2019 11:36

Hi, please I have really tried opening an account with buzzi but I couldn't. Please I need help.

09.09.2019 12:17

Hi @indoleboss. Sorry to hear that. Can you let us know what error message you are receiving?

09.09.2019 15:40

Congratulations to the winners....hope you enjoy it here

09.09.2019 13:01