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Weekly Top Creators and Tops Posts on BUZZi (November 18th - November 24th)

Hello Steem community! Here are this week winners for BUZZi’s  Top Creators and Top Posts! Congratulations on the achievement! 

We will reward the Top Creators and Top Posts every week for the month of November so remember to continue to create posts for a chance to earn one of the top spots 🏆.

You can read more about our event guidelines HERE.

Top 3 Creators

  1. @kouba01
    Reward: 5 Steem
  2. @hykwf678233
    Reward: 3 Steem
  3. @dolphinscute
    Reward: 1 Steem

Top 3 Posts

  1. Food jogger stroller (@egnroma)

    Reward: 5 Steem

  2. Baby stroller (@hykwf678233)

    Reward: 3 Steem

  3. The Trash Pack Mega Pack (@kouba01)

    Reward: 1 Steem

Congratulations to all the winners again! We look forward to seeing more posts from our BUZZi community!

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