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BUZZi Posting Guidelines, BUZZi x Reviewhunt campaign

Thank you to everyone that participated in our Rewards Event. There were some great and helpful posts created on BUZZi. We look forward to seeing more posts from our community members!

Today we will share our posting guidelines to our members to ensure that you post the best content on BUZZi.  At the end of this article we will announce an exciting campaign we are launching with Reviewhunt.

BUZZi Posting Guidelines + Tips

At BUZZi, we want to provide a platform where creators can share their experiences through the content they create. Authenticity and honesty is an integral part of this creation process. 

To maintain a fair and healthy community our moderators review all posts made on BUZZi to ensure they meet the guidelines we have in place. These guidelines are here to help our community members create posts that are helpful and bring value to the BUZZi community. Please make sure to read and follow these guidelines before you post. Any posts that do not meet these guidelines may be removed from BUZZi.

  1. Language: English or Korean Only
    Posts and comments should be written in English or Korean. Since we have partnered with US and Korean retailers, post will lead to US or Korean retail sites.

  2. Types of Posts
    BUZZi currently covers the Kids and Baby vertical. Categories that fall under the Kids and Baby vertical include:

    • Clothes & Shoes
    • Room & Nursery
    • Books
    • Toys
    • Gear
    • Feeding
    • Pregnancy & Maternity
    • Baby Care

      We have plans to expand to other verticals which include Tech, Beauty, Fashion, and Home & Living. We will make sure to let our community know once we have launched these verticals.

  3. Product Links
    There are two ways creators can link their content to a product.

    • Creators can link their content to any of the US or Korean retailers that BUZZi has partnered with. We are continuing to partner with retailers and will update our community when new retail partners are added.

    • Creators can enter their own custom link to a retailer site.

      Product links must land to a product page on a retailer site and must be active.

      Please note that custom links entered by the creator will not be valid for BUZZi commission rewards. Additionally, commission rewards will not be available to users during BUZZi’s BETA launch.  

  4. Plagiarism and Copyright
    All content created on BUZZi must be original content from the creator. This includes but not limited to images, videos, and text. If you reused any content without the original creator's permission it is considered a violation of our copyright policies. Content from another platform created by another person must have permission and must credit the original creator.

    We will not accept any form of plagiarism or copyright infringement on BUZZi and your content will be removed from BUZZi if your content has been found to violate this policy.

We have seen some great content made by the BUZZi community and wanted to share some tips to help our members get started when they post.

Post lifestyle photos with the product in use, rather than just a picture of the product. Community members would benefit from seeing how products are used in daily life! 

Video content is more engaging. Types of video content to upload are unboxing, how to’s, product reviews, or videos showing the product being used.

Be honest with your product reviews. We know all products are not perfect so don’t feel like you have to give the best score or have to only list the “Pros” of a product. The “Cons” of a product are as helpful as the “Pros”. Giving an honest review will allow our community members to find the best product for them.

We hope these guidelines and tips will help you with ideas for content on BUZZi. We look forward to seeing what our community creates!

BUZZi x Reviewhunt campaign

We are excited to announce that we will be collaborating on a campaign with Reviewhunt. The Hunt team has been working hard and we’d like to congratulate them on the launch of Reviewhunt!

Reviewhunt is a platform for product early-adopters who have exceptional knowledge and passion for cool new products. Hunters can find products that interest them and create detailed product reviews for their followers to read about.

BUZZi will be one of the first products that will be on Reviewhunt when it is launched. The Reviewhunt team has been a great team to work with and we are thrilled about this opportunity to work together. 

You can learn more about Reviewhunt here.

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