My First Power Up After a Month Joining Steemit | 10% Payout for



Hello Everyone...

I'm back, hope you guys remember me. because I previously made the design of the steemcoffee booth, you can see it here, hope you like it

In my third post I will report if I have done a power up in the last week after I got my first reward from @steemcurator01.

My Mentor @naufal taught me, if I get the first reward, the first thing I have to do is do a power up, then I do a power up of 90% of my reward results this month. The rest I disbursed to give to my parents. with that hopefully my activities in steemit will be more blessed.

I did power up gradually, because I was participating in the PUF1 competition held by @arie.steem, you can also join the contest here


steem ruler.png

Before powering up, I got a steempower delegation from @cryptokannon & @anroja, thank you both for supporting me

- Below is the account that delegated the SP to me

No Account Name Delegated SP Delegation Time
1 @cryptokannon 30 SP 1 month
2 @anroja 100 SP 2 weeks

steem ruler.png

- Below is my first power up history in the last week

Date Before Power Up After
2021-06- 25 130.000 26.000 156.000
2021-06- 26 156.000 25.025 181.025
2021-06- 27 181.025 24.369 205.394
and also my steempower increases because of the rewards from my curated posts

steem ruler.png

- Below is proof of the transaction I have done my first power up


for more detailed transaction details, you can visit my account @buyahanan and look in the wallet column, link here

My target this week is to reach 200SP, and my long-term target for the end of 2021 is to become a Dolphin's with 5000SP, I believe I can achieve this target, because I am supported by my amazing mentors, and all my friends in various communities who support me.

I hope that with the increase in the number of Power Ups, it will further increase the enthusiasm of other users and can encourage all users, especially newcomers to remain consistent in doing Power Ups.

So, let's do power ups as often as possible. So that the STEEM ecosystem is maintained. Think about existing in this steemit world in the long term, so that we can enjoy the results at the end

Thank you very much especially to : @steemcurator01, @booming01, @stephenkendal, @kevinwong.

PromoSteem Team and promotor: @arie.steem, @pojan, @ponpase.

My best Mentor : @naufal

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Congrats, but l hope the coming days help you to do better.

27.06.2021 06:45

Of course, im happy to hear that, we can support each other to the best of our ability

27.06.2021 10:00
27.06.2021 08:11

Makasih bg. Tetap semangat

27.06.2021 12:11

Congratulations...!!! You Got Upvote 100 %
By: PromoSteem Community

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