Investing in myself


First I'd like to thank everybody for not pointing out my typos on my typing :-)
Sometimes I catch them and sometimes I forget to re-read my posts with all the other things I'm doing.

I'm investing in myself lately, not just investing in crypto stuff.
I have started a while ago to get rid of some stuff I don't need, didn't use, hate wasting money on.
I'm really glad some of it lasted years and some of it was free or cheap so it isn't as bad as if I had spent full price on these things.
Yes there is a good reason I'm throwing stuff away or throwing it in the recycle if I can.
The neighborhood I live in has BUGS!
Not just the regular roaches but all kinds of bugs including bed bugs.
These things are so hard to get rid of and sometimes people don't know they have them until it's way to late.
Now I know that someone it going to think "You should clean and vacuum more or more often" but, that won't do it.
You can spend 8 hours a day cleaning and vacuuming your place and still get these ugly little buggers.
I was really more interesting in being on my computer online than I was in cleaning so maybe if I had been doing the 8 hours a day cleaning there might be less of them. I don't know.

Anyway, I thought we had a company scheduled to come tent the house and fumigate but they didn't show up. I wasted over $100 putting my mom and myself in a hotel and found out just in time to save another day paying for the room. The pest control company didn't set the time and date with my mom, she was going through someone else in her church trying to set this stuff up because it's so much money. Now we have to wait another two weeks or so and it's going to be getting into December before this junk is going to be done.

I've also heard that the only thing that really works to get rid of all the bed bugs is heat. I already know the pest control people are not planning on using heat because I heard one of them talking with one guy from my moms church about how much pesticide they would pump into the house. Well, the people in my moms church should know how things go since they told her other people have had this problem and things have been done before but it seems to me that everyone involved is dragging their feet and not wanting to really do the work.

If I had some real money I would suggest to my mom that we just trash everything and get moved into a different place with new stuff. But I don't have the money and there are a lot of things we would not want to throw away.

So, because of the hotel expense and the fact that we will have to get out of this house for about 2 or 3 days when the fumigation really does get done, I will have less money to invest in BTC, Steem, CTP, LEO, etc. for awhile.

I'd also like to mention that my mom is over 79 years old and has had some broken bones, including her right hip, in the last 5 years which is why I'm living with her and helping her as much as I can. I also had my big health problem (heart attacks/heart failure) just over 2 years ago and wouldn't have had anything if she didn't help me so, we help each other.


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Sorry about those bugs @busylion, but nice that you and your mom are helping each other, and as to investing in yourself, that is how you set yourself up for success, if you feel good about life it's much more enjoyable to try and make something of it, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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