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Two years valuing and rewarding the content of all Steemians. Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary Sc01🎂


A day like today two years ago the steemcurator01 account was created. It is for this reason that the entire Business Activity community wants to congratulate and thank Sc01. Today we celebrate having the opportunity to count on his presence within the Steem Blockchain and to support the steemians who are in it on a daily basis.

Thanks to the valuable support you have given to this community, we have managed to grow as Steem Power and as a community. His power within Steemit influences all steemians to create content.

Each steemian and each community and especially @businessactivity appreciates their arrival at steemit, the work and how in that time of creation of the Sc01 account it has been possible to have an understanding of what it is to work as a team through Steem Blockchain.

Congratulations @steemcurator01 🎂

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We value your work, your firmness in each decision and how you propose solutions to each strategic plan.

Just as on many occasions Sc01 congratulates steemians for their life birthdays, today we as a community also congratulate him for the existence of the account with which he has an extraordinary performance, making dreams and experiences come true in steemit.

Kind regards.

Business Activity Team
@oscarcc89 - Founder 🔹
@cindycam - Editorial Staff 🔹
@gensequini - Team SBA 🔹
@riska-amanda - Team SBA 🔹
@litzney - Team SBA 🔹
@ponpase - Team SBA 🔹

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